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Waiting on Wednesday: Beyond a Darkened Shore by Jessica Leake

I am intrigued by the cover and the summary. I need to know more about this book. 

The ancient land of Éirinn is mired in war. Ciara, Princess of Mide, has never known a time when Éirinn’s kingdoms were not battling for power, or Northmen were not plundering their shores. 

The people of Mide have thankfully always been safe because of Ciara’s unearthly ability to control her enemies’ minds and actions. But lately, a mysterious crow has been appearing to Ciara, whispering warnings of an even darker threat. Although her clansmen dismiss her visions as pagan nonsense, Ciara fears this coming evil will destroy not just Éirinn, but the entire world. 

Then the crow leads Ciara to Leif, a young Northman leader. Leif should be Ciara’s enemy, but when Ciara discovers that he, too, shares her prophetic visions, she knows he’s something more. Leif is mounting an impressive army, and with Ciara’s strength in battle the two might have a chance to save their world. 

With evil rising around them, they’ll do what it takes to defend the land they love…even if it means making the greatest sacrifice of all.

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[Blog Tour] Rowan Wood Legends by Olivia Wildenstein

Rowan Wood Legends (The Lost Clan #2)
by Olivia Wildenstein
Genre: Paranormal/Faeries
Release Date: August 14th 2017



I wasn’t the sort of girl who believed in fairytales, let alone tales about faeries. But that changed the day Faeries came to my small town and Hunters rose from their graves.

On that fateful day, I received a book, a peculiar collection of myths and legends. Turns out it was so much more than stories. And just as I was on the verge of unlocking its secrets, it was stolen from me by someone I called a friend.

Now, I don’t know whom I can turn to, whom I can trust. All I know is that there are two sides, and I am straddling the great divide because I am both Faerie and Hunter. And although I swore I would never choose, I am slowly falling for one of those sides…

Fans of Karen Marie Moning's Fever series will adore Wildenstein's Lost Clan series.

I finished this book in 1 day and I loved every minute of it. Rowan Wood Legends surpassed by expectations and I could not put this book down. Rowan Wood Legends starts where Rose Petal Graves left off. Catori is much more mature in this book. She wants to discover who she really is and wants to bring peace to the two worlds she is ensnared in, the fairies and the hunters. 

I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with this series. I hope there is more backstory to each character because I need to know more. This series is full of characters where their intent is questionable and the reader can't decide whether or not to trust them.

I love the writing and Catori’s monologues. You can feel everything that she feels and she doesn’t hold back. I can’t wait for Rising Silver Mist.  

Overall I would give Rowan Wood Legends 5 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

About the Author
Olivia Wildenstein grew up in New York City, the daughter of a French father with a great sense of humor, and a Swedish mother whom she speaks to at least three times a day. She chose Brown University to complete her undergraduate studies and earned a bachelor’s in comparative literature. After designing jewelry for a few years, Wildenstein traded in her tools for a laptop computer and a very comfortable chair. This line of work made more sense, considering her college degree.

When she’s not writing, she’s psychoanalyzing everyone she meets (Yes. Everyone), eavesdropping on conversations to gather material for her next book, baking up a storm (that she actually eats), going to the gym (because she eats), and attempting not to be late at her children’s school (like she is 4 out of 5 mornings, on good weeks).

Wildenstein lives with her husband and three children in Geneva, Switzerland, where she’s an active member of the writing community.

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[Review] Flame in the Mist by Reneé Ahdieh ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


The only daughter of a prominent samurai, Mariko has always known she’d been raised for one purpose and one purpose only: to marry. Never mind her cunning, which rivals that of her twin brother, Kenshin, or her skills as an accomplished alchemist. Since Mariko was not born a boy, her fate was sealed the moment she drew her first breath.

So, at just seventeen years old, Mariko is sent to the imperial palace to meet her betrothed, a man she did not choose, for the very first time. But the journey is cut short when Mariko’s convoy is viciously attacked by the Black Clan, a dangerous group of bandits who’ve been hired to kill Mariko before she reaches the palace.

The lone survivor, Mariko narrowly escapes to the woods, where she plots her revenge. Dressed as a peasant boy, she sets out to infiltrate the Black Clan and hunt down those responsible for the target on her back. Once she’s within their ranks, though, Mariko finds for the first time she’s appreciated for her intellect and abilities. She even finds herself falling in love—a love that will force her to question everything she’s ever known about her family, her purpose, and her deepest desires.


One day I can dream to write as eloquently and beautifully as Renée Ahdieh. How does Queen Ahdieh write so beautifully?? The world may never know. 

I actually had some trouble with the first 50ish pages of the book. It was slow and I thought about putting the book away and reading something else. Well I’m glad I kept reading. It got exciting right after. I loved the Japanese inspired culture and the 47 Ronin vibe throughout the book. I also felt thethe Mulan vibe but I enjoyed the 47 Ronin vibe more. 

The story is told through a third person point of view with the perspectives switching from Mariko and her twin brother Kenshin. I hope there is more chapters about Kenshin because I’m interested in his backstory. The Black Clan is a mix of Robin Hood and the 47 Ronin, something I did not expect. 

The romance is not the main point of the novel, a major plus for me. Flame in the Mist is about Mariko’s journey to find the truth and discovering who she is without the interferences of romance.

Honestly, I read this book too fast. I should have slowed down and savored each detail but it was so good that I couldn’t put the book down. Now, the long wait for book 2. 

Overall I would give Flame in the Mist 4 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Waiting on Wednesday: Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff

Tric deserved better!!!!!!

Anyways, I'm excited to see Mia's next step in her journey for avenging her family. And I hope Mr. Kindly is a snarky ghost cat as he was in Nevernight. 


A ruthless young assassin continues her journey for revenge in this new epic fantasy from New York Times bestselling author Jay Kristoff.

Assassin Mia Corvere has found her place among the Blades of Our Lady of Blessed Murder, but many in the Red Church ministry think she’s far from earned it. Plying her bloody trade in a backwater of the Republic, she’s no closer to ending Consul Scaeva and Cardinal Duomo, or avenging her familia. And after a deadly confrontation with an old enemy, Mia begins to suspect the motives of the Red Church itself.

When it’s announced that Scaeva and Duomo will be making a rare public appearance at the conclusion of the grand games in Godsgrave, Mia defies the Church and sells herself to a gladiatorial collegium for a chance to finally end them. Upon the sands of the arena, Mia finds new allies, bitter rivals, and more questions about her strange affinity for the shadows. But as conspiracies unfold within the collegium walls, and the body count rises, Mia will be forced to choose between loyalty and revenge, and uncover a secret that could change the very face of her world.

Set in the world of Nevernight, which Publishers Weekly called “absorbing in its complexity and bold in its bloodiness,” Godsgrave will continue to thrill and satisfy fantasy fans everywhere.

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[Blog Tour] Project Pandora by Aden Polydoros

Project Pandora (Assassin Fall #1)
by Aden Polydoros
Publication Date:  August 1, 2017
Publisher:  Entangled Teen

Tyler Bennett trusts no one. Just another foster kid bounced from home to home, he’s learned that lesson the hard way. Cue world’s tiniest violin. But when strange things start happening—waking up with bloody knuckles and no memory of the night before or the burner phone he can’t let out of his sight— Tyler starts to wonder if he can even trust himself.

Even stranger, the girl he’s falling for has a burner phone just like his. Finding out what’s really happening only leads to more questions…questions that could get them both killed. It’s not like someone’s kidnapping teens lost in the system and brainwashing them to be assassins or anything, right? And what happens to rogue assets who defy control?

In a race against the clock, they’ll have to uncover the truth behind Project Pandora and take it down—before they’re reactivated. Good thing the program spent millions training them to kick ass...


“Shannon!” someone called as she emerged into the sunlight.
She flinched at the sound of her name, only to spot Tyler standing just outside the glass-and-metal canopy that sheltered the metro entrance. With a sigh of relief, she stepped off the escalator and hurried over to him.
“I can’t tell you how glad I am to see you,” she said once she reached his side.
“It’s mutual.” He grinned, exposing those adorable dimples of his. Compared to Hades, he was all warmth, both in his bronzed complexion and the kindness of his expression. Even his cologne’s citrusy aroma had a far more welcoming effect on her, soothing rather than unsettling her.
“Hey, can you tell me if some guy’s following me?” she asked, lowering her voice. “He’s around our age. Black hair, blue eyes. Dressed all in black.”
Tyler’s smile faded, and he looked past her. “You mean the guy who looks like he’s never heard of a comb? The one in the leather jacket?”
“He’s smiling at us.” Tyler’s hands tightened into fists, and his clenched jaw cut hard lines in his face. “Did he do anything to you?”
“No, he was just talking weird on the subway,” Shannon muttered. “About flowers and dating and stuff.”
His face paled with anger. “Was he sexually harassing you?”
“No. I don’t know.” She shook her head. “It’s probably nothing.”
“He’s coming over here,” Tyler said, and his dark, gold-flecked eyes narrowed dangerously. He placed a hand on her wrist. “Let me deal with this.”
She turned to find Hades approaching them. In spite of the boy’s calm gait, every movement of his seemed intentional, almost trained. No unnecessary energy was exerted, and his right arm lingered at his side, steady.
To reduce the time it takes to reach his gun, she thought, surprising herself. Of all the theories she could come up with, why would she assume that?
“Hello again,” Hades said warmly, looking from Tyler to her. “Why are you two together? This can’t be a coincidence. Is this a test or something? Are you doing a job?”
Every time his incandescent blue eyes fell on her, her gut squirmed in discomfort. She was almost certain now that she had talked to him before, but she couldn’t remember where.
“I heard you were harassing my friend here,” Tyler growled, stepping forward. “Are you stalking her?”
Hades chuckled. “You know, you’re the second person this week who’s accused me of being a stalker.”
“Shocking,” he said drily.
“I guess this means you’re Tyler Bennett now.”
A hint of confusion showed through Tyler’s scowl. “How do you know my name?”
Hades grinned, visibly amused. “Whoever said that’s your name, Apollo?”

Aden Polydoros grew up in Long Grove, Illinois, the youngest of three children. Aden’s family moved to Arizona when he was in second grade. As a kid, he spent much of his time exploring the desert near his home. When he wasn’t searching for snakes and lizards, he was raiding the bookshelves of the local library. As a teenager, Aden decided that he wanted to be a writer. He spent his free time writing short stories. He was encouraged by his English teacher to try his hand at writing a novel, which inspired him to begin PROJECT PANDORA. The YA thriller is set for publication with Entangled Publishing in Summer of 2017. He is represented by Mallory Brown of Triada US.

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[Review] Nevernight by Jay Kristoff ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Destined to destroy empires, Mia Covere is only ten years old when she is given her first lesson in death.

Six years later, the child raised in shadows takes her first steps towards keeping the promise she made on the day that she lost everything.

But the chance to strike against such powerful enemies will be fleeting, so if she is to have her revenge, Mia must become a weapon without equal. She must prove herself against the deadliest of friends and enemies, and survive the tutelage of murderers, liars and demons at the heart of a murder cult.

The Red Church is no Hogwarts, but Mia is no ordinary student.

The shadows love her. And they drink her fear.


"A girl named Pale Daughter. Or Kingmaker. Or Crow. But most often, nothing at all. A killer of killers, whose tally of endings only the goddess and I truly know..."

This book is dark, wicked and all things awesome. The writing style is unique as if someone is telling you their memories of Mia Covere. I wonder if the narrator will reveal themselves by the end of this? The world building is complex. It's an evil and dark version of Hogwarts. The world is a mix of Rome and Venice, which I looooved. 

Mia must prove herself and become a deadly assassin to avenge her family. There is darkness in her that will drive her to do anything in order to seek vengeance from those who have wronged her. Mia is one of my favorite female characters, if not my favorite. She is wicked and cunning. Mr Kindly, her ghost cat is one of those you won't be able to forget. Imagine Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch but more sassy and (surprisingly) thoughtful. 

There is personality and reliableness to each character in Nevernight. I normally don't care for characters other than the main characters but in Nevernight, I felt something for each character. Personally, I wouldn't mind reading a spinoff of each student at The Red Church because they are so interesting. 

The footnotes are important so pay attention to those. AND the last 50 pages are intense. I did warn you. I understand that some elements of this book are harsh and cruel, you will either love this book or hate it. 

Tric, my poor Tric, you deserved SO much better. 

Overall I would give Nevernight 5 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

For more information about this book please visit goodreads


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[Blog Tour] Interview with Juliette Cross, Author of The Vessel Trilogy!

Genevieve Drake never knew this demon world existed. Now she just wants to survive it. Hunted on the streets of New Orleans, Gen turns to the hunter, Jude Delacroix, who is bound to protect her soul and who’s also captured her heart.

Forged in Fire
The Vessel Trilogy
Book One
Juliette Cross

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Date of Publication: July 31, 2017

ISBN: 9781640632172

Word Count: 98K

Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde

Book Description:

Genevieve Drake has never been the helpless kind of girl, has never needed to be rescued. That is, not until her twentieth birthday when some dude nearly chokes her to death in an alley and a hot stranger rips a monster from inside the guy.

The hot guy? Jude Delacroix—Dominus Daemonum, Master of Demons. Now her guardian, whether she likes it or not.

But she’s seriously beginning to like it.

On Sale for .99 Until August 6

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Forged in Fire Excerpt

Jude hadn’t moved, his eyes roving up and down. My sweaty tank clung to my torso and loose hair stuck to the side of my face. Having redone my ponytail twice, I tightened it once more as he shoved off the wall.
“Give her a weapon.”
Kat pulled a dagger from a sheath at her thigh, walking toward me.
“I thought we were practicing without weapons today.”
Jude started to circle. A primitive part of me stiffened.
“A demon won’t give up when you throw a few punches, even with the casting power. You need to cut them.”
“But I could hurt you.”
“You could try.”
His shoulders rounded in a relaxed posture. Muscled arms swung just barely at his sides. He was in no way threatened by me. He probably found this comical.
“No sifting,” I warned
“No need.”
He continued to stalk me with slow precision. Kat handed me her dagger. It was heavier than I thought.
“It’s too big,” I said, feeling the weight of the twelve-inch blade.
“Oh, I think you can handle it.”
A dark mischievous look. Wait. Were we still talking about daggers? Heat flushed my cheeks. He circled. I pivoted. Kat disappeared into the corner.
“No power this time, Genevieve. Let’s see if you can deliver more than karate moves.”
“You don’t think I can cut you?”
An eyebrow lifted. Still smiling. Still circling. Arrogant ass.
“I can,” I gritted out, widening and squaring my stance.
Sparks of gold glittered in his eyes, a predator honing in on its prey. He stalked closer, then stopped two feet from me, speaking in a husky tone.
“Prove it.”
My heart jumped, hearing my own challenge thrown back at me. Last night. Scorching kisses, whispered words, rough angles, soft sighs. My eyes strayed to his lips. One corner quirked up into a knowing smile. He was taunting me right there in front of Kat. What kind of game was he playing? Anger flared in my gut. I lunged, swiping out at his chest. Grabbing one of my wrists, then the other, he twisted me around, pulling me tight against his body, my arms crossed and bound in front of me. Completely immobile in less than a second.
Okay, that was embarrassing.
“Too predictable.” Warm breath close to my ear. I shivered. A short rumble of laughter in his chest. “Again?”
I struggled. He released me at once. This time, I did the circling. Leaping left, then dodging right, I ducked under his outstretched arm, slicing as I went. I popped up behind him. Jude glanced down at the tear along the side of his white T-shirt. A small drop of blood seeped through the fabric. Very small, but I gasped anyway. He laughed, stripping off the T-shirt and tossing it to the side.
“Better. Again.”
Not a good move on my part. My concentration scattered to the winds. Cords of muscle and tight, sinewy limbs flexed in preparation for the next attack. Black swirls and barbs of Celtic interlacing traced over tight pectorals and down his chiseled abdomen. My mouth went bone dry. A shift of his upper body gave me a glance of a feathered wing inked across a powerful shoulder blade.
Concentrate, Genevieve.
I fought the urge to shake my head as if dizzy from intoxication. For that is truly what I was, imagining what it would feel like to have his beautiful body against mine, skin on skin. Trying not to imagine what it would feel like.
“Anytime you’re ready,” he said, smirking.
Damn him.
“You know,” I said, thinking to take a different approach, “a demon will attack me, not the other way around. Why don’t you attack first?”
“As you wish.”
Oh shit.
He lunged low. I twisted out of reach, leaping right. He changed position, shot out his leg, tripping me to the floor. I landed on my stomach and pushed up an inch before being summarily pinned by two hundred pounds of hard muscle. Oh. Very hard.
A whisper against the shell of my ear: “Mmm. Close, but not quite. Again?”
“Get. Off!”
He obliged. Another haughty laugh. “The key is to not become distracted or let your anger control you. You must find a way to get the better of your opponent, no matter if you’re outmatched in size.”
Before I’d even rolled completely over, I clipped him behind the knees. He buckled to the floor as I leapt, swinging my body over his. I straddled his chest, pulling his head to the floor with my left hand knotted in that pretty hair of his, exposing his throat and thrusting the point of the dagger beneath his chin.
“Like this?” I hissed.
A genuine broad smile lightened his face, making me more breathless than I already was. Amber and gold shimmered in his irises, nearly cutting out all the black. Nearly. His hands were on my hips.
“Exactly like this.”

Sealed in Sin
The Vessel Trilogy
Book Two
Juliette Cross

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Date of Publication: 7/31/2017

ISBN: 9781640632189

Word Count: 90K

Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde

Book Description:

While Jude Delacroix spends his days and nights searching for the prophecy, another protector steps in to take his place. Thomas, a guardian angel, claims Genevieve is his to protect if the demon hunter does not. As threats against her life escalate, he offers her the power to sift.

Knowing the transfer of power comes through a kiss, she hesitates. Thomas stirs a desire where there should be none.

On Sale for .99 Until August 6

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Sealed in Sin Excerpt

The moment he entered the room, all my senses rose to full alert. The man packed enough heat and power in his aura to melt a girl into jelly. A mere glance from his dark eyes or slight touch from rough hands, and I was lost.
I focused on flipping the pancakes on the stove, still trying to figure out how to tell him about our trip to the House of Hades, the near-miss with Gorham, and the brief and strange meeting with my guardian angel. Kat preferred asking forgiveness rather than permission, or just omitting the admission of any sins altogether. But I had trouble lying, though I seemed to do it often as of late. I especially had trouble lying to Jude.
“Want some brinner?” I asked, plopping another dollop of butter in the pan.
“Brinner? What might that be?” He leaned with his back against the counter next to the stove, splaying one huge hand on the countertop, watching me pour the batter into the pan. How did this man make watching me cook a sexy thing?
“You’ve never heard of brinner?” I glanced at the door to make sure Mindy was out of earshot. “For someone who’s been alive nearly two thousand years, you don’t know a whole lot.”
He slid a finger down my forearm. I nearly dropped the spatula. He leaned closer, his chest brushing my shoulder, voice dropping several decibels. “Educate me.” And just like that, my heart slammed into my rib cage, my thoughts scattering to the wind. I stared at him, knowing my eyes were no longer hungry for pancakes. He pressed warm lips, a feather-soft kiss, to the slope between my neck and shoulder. “Genevieve?” Another press of lips higher up my neck, melting me into goo.
“Hm?” Eyes closed, I welcomed a third kiss just under my jaw.
“Your brinner is burning.”
“Oh, dammit!”
I snapped open my eyes, grabbed the smoking pan and thrust it under the water faucet in the sink. A hissing crackle spit up more smoke.
“There goes brinner.”
“You’ve made more than enough already.”
He motioned to the ten-high stack with a smirk. I couldn’t even think about eating now. Not after that kiss. And not with this guilt weighing me down.
Something registered in his gaze. He reached out his hand.
“Come here.”
From his expression, I wasn’t sure if he planned to give me a hug or a spanking. I wouldn’t mind either. Taking his hand, I let him pull me into his arms.

Bound in Black
The Vessel Trilogy
Book Three
Juliette Cross

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Date of Publication: 7/31/2017

ISBN: 9781640632196

Number of pages: 88K

Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde

Book Description:

Genevieve Drake is on a dangerous mission—to find the soul collector, Lethe, and enter the deepest, darkest level of the underworld, where no one has ever gone into and returned.

But when an old enemy makes a surprising appearance, she is tested to the point of breaking and risks remaining in this dark abyss forever.

On Sale for .99 Until August 6

Amazon     BN    Kobo    iBooks

Excerpt Bound in Black

Pulse-pounding, bone-grinding music vibrated the entire second floor. Dancers, if you could call them that, melded together in one mass of moving limbs. A few couples and trios needed to find a private corner before their make-out sessions morphed into an all-out orgy. The bartender stopped in front of Dommiel’s throne. A massive dragon’s head—openmouthed and fierce fanged—hung above the oversized wood-carved chair like a crown.
The first time I’d been here, I assumed the head was a magnificent work of art by a local New Orleans sculptor. Because dragons aren’t real, right? Now I knew better. The beast’s head was cut from a high demon’s spawn, probably killed in battle against one of the Flamma of Light, someone on my team. Even now, after the head was severed and stuffed, a low vibration of eerie energy swirled in the air. I hadn’t detected this before. But back in September, I wasn’t the Vessel I was now. My Vessel Sense, VS, amplified every day, detecting any demon within a one-mile radius. Not only that, my fist and blade packed major force. Still, I knew I hadn’t experienced full awakening. Kat, my mentor and friend and the only female hunter I’d met, told me that I’d know when I experienced my awakening. It would be like falling in love. And I definitely knew what that felt like…as well as the tragic heartbreak when that love was ripped from my arms.
I clenched my jaw, willing away those thoughts, and focused on the task at hand.
Dommiel sprawled atop his throne with the latest blonde propped on his lap. With a clean-shaved head and wearing his usual attire—black slacks and white button-down with silver cuff links—he was a contradiction in appearance. If he hadn’t pierced every part of his face—lip, lids, nose, tongue, and the entire cartilage of both ears—he’d be hot. Metalface didn’t turn me on, but some girls were into that. For example, the buxom woman now whispering in his ear, pressing against him with her ample cleavage pouring out of a red patent leather corset. Dommiel cupped her breast with the one hand he had, brushing his thumb casually along the exposed skin above the too-tight casing. He turned his head when I approached.
His groupies didn’t move, though tension rippled in the air. Dommiel’s familiar—a black-eyed raven—perched on the dragon’s head and watched me. For a second, I wished I’d brought Mira. The white hawk that I’d created the day Jude was taken away had become my pale shadow wherever I went these days. But I didn’t want any of these freaks trying to hurt her in this confined space. Before her creation, when I was steeped in a well of grief from losing Jude, I hadn’t known Vessels could create spawn of Light. If demons could beget creatures of darkness, then it made sense I’d have the power to create one of light. Only, no Vessel had ever done it before. George, the commander of the Dominus Daemonum—the Masters of Demons—said it was because no Vessel before me had ever come so close to her awakening. When I glanced up at the beady-eyed bird, I wondered what it would do if I’d brought Mira with me and let her poke out one of those evil eyes. I suppose it would’ve started a shit storm, and that wasn’t why I’d come here.
Standing tall, hands at my sides, I said to Dommiel, “I come in peace.”
He considered me for about five seconds. “If this is peace, I’d hate to see war.”
“Yes. You would.”
In our past dealings, Dommiel had used his sardonic tongue to cut me and keep me in line. I waited for his next smart-ass remark, but something in his gaze told me he recognized this visit was different. I hadn’t come to threaten or coerce him into doing my bidding. I had a genuine offer of partnership—one I never thought to present to a high demon. With a heavy sigh, he squeezed his blonde’s breast still cupped in his hand, then gave her a quick deep-throated kiss before pushing her off his lap. He stood, revealing the silver hook on the stump of his other arm, which had been concealed till now.
“This better be good, Vessel.” He stepped in front of me, leading me past a guard and down a dark hallway. “I haven’t had a taste of her yet and was quite looking forward to it.”
“It looked to me like you just got a taste.”
He shot me a piercing look over his shoulder. “Okay. Let me rephrase. I haven’t yet fucked her until she can’t talk or walk. And I was about to take off that edge when you showed up.”
“Too much information, Dommiel.”


1) What inspired you to write The Vessel Trilogy? Or in other words, what was the first inspiring moment that lead you to write this series?

I happened to be driving the country backroads on my way to my parent’s house, thinking about New Orleans when Gen popped into my head arguing with her best friend in an elevator. By the time I arrived to my parent’s house in Baton Rouge, I had the entire first chapter in my head and excused myself to write it down. The driving force was the heady and intoxicating city of New Orleans. From there, the characters and the world took over.

2) Which character do you believe should have their own spinoff series? Or has more of their story to tell?

Interesting you should ask that. I just signed a new deal with Entangled Publishing for the DOMINION series. THE DEEPEST WELL is the prequel to this series, the love story of demon hunter Kat and their leader George Draconis as well as the background leading up to the Great War between angels and demons. Book 1 in this series, THE DARKEST HEART, is about the jaded demon Dommiel and the warrior angel Anya who are in search of a missing archangel. And it is set in the post-apocalyptic world where angels and demons battle on earth while humans try to survive the mayhem. This is my first anti-hero, and I’m so excited about this project.

3) What is your favorite thing about being an author?

The freedom to let my imagination run wild.  I can’t explain the joy and fulfillment I get from creating new worlds and characters and love stories. 

4) What is the best advice you would give to young writers?
I always follow Churchill’s advice, so I’d pass it onto them. “Never, never, never give up.”

5) What is your favorite novel and TV show at the moment?

GAME OF THRONES, hands down. I only hope that we get somewhat of an HEA. I know beloved characters will die, but I hope that good wins over evil in the end. As long as Cersei and Little Finger die, I’ll be happy. :D

6) How do you feel about the new covers vs the old covers?

I adore them! Fiona Jayde did a phenomenal job capturing Jude and Gen with the edgy urban fantasy and paranormal vibe. I think they are perfection.

7) Of all the characters you have created (from any book), which is your favorite and why?

This is absolutely impossible to answer. I don’t have a single favorite. Right now, my favorite is Dommiel though. He’s definitely a villain in book one of FORGED IN FIRE, but as the trilogy rolls along, we see there’s more than the hedonist behind his façade of high demon. By the time the trilogy ends, he’s a bit broken, wounded. I’m fascinated with the wounded ones and how they might find redemption against all odds. 

About the Author:

Juliette lives in lush, moss-laden Louisiana where she lives with her husband, four kids, and black lab, Kona.  

Multi-published author of paranormal and urban fantasy romance, she loves reading and writing brooding characters, mysterious settings, persevering heroines, and dark, sexy heroes.

From the moment she read JANE EYRE as a teenager, she fell in love with the Gothic romance.

Even then, she not only longed to read more novels set in Gothic worlds, she wanted to create her own.

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