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First, I would like to say thank you to the author, Karpov Kinrade, for providing me an ARC of Court of Nightfall (The Nightfall Chronicles #1) second edition eBook. 

Have you heard of the phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover?" Well, with A Court of Nightfall you can. This book is amazing as its cover. It's beautiful, mysterious, and breathtaking. The first edition blew me away. The second edition made me love this book even more. You will not be disappointed.

Scarlett Night lives in a futuristic dystopian world where war involving, humans, angels, and Nephilim is brewing. Scarlett is colorblind but with the love and support from her parents and her best friend Jax, she is able to pursue her dream of becoming a pilot. One day the Nephilim attack, trying to retrieve the weapon Scarlett's parents have been protecting for years. Her world is turned upside down but with a mysterious transformation, she is able to see in color.  Enrolling into Castle Vianney, Scarlett discovers the lies from the people closest to her. Becoming Nightfall, a fearless leader who seeks justice, she realized what her world really is. Through self discovery, Scarlett realizes who she is; she is the voice for the voiceless. She gathers allies to discover the truth and lies of the world she lives in. With the help of her friends and her guardian Zorin, Scarlett discovers her true purpose of the world, which has been masked in shades of gray.

I love the changes made to the second edition of Court of Nightfall. There is more insight of who Scarlett really is as a child. Her actions as a child underscores her ability to become the leader she is as Nightfall. The new additions to this book will give readers more detail of the Nephilim War and what it means to discover who you truly are. The plot is fast paced and captivating, with diverse and interesting characters.

Anyone who loves science fiction, dystopia or fantasy will love Court of Nightfall.

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