A New Year

Writing has been something that I have always wanted to accomplish. At a young age I always wondered, "How do authors write books?" I didn't know much about what it meant to be an author.
Growing up, reading has been a constant struggle for me. There were some years that I thought reading was the best thing ever and some years I thought it was a distraction. Overall I believe reading is one of the very few things I hold dear to me.

It might seem silly. "Reading is for kids." I had this mind set going into highschool. At the time I was so worried about fitting and discovering who I was, I forgot what reading had brought to me.
Reading allowed me to understand those around me. It has brought diversity and creativity in my life more than anything that I have ever done. The point being, before I ramble on and on about what a mistake I made for not reading for so long, is that I want to write. I want to be as creative and thoughtful as the authors of the books I've read. 

I can't describe the feeling of what it is to have your own ideas on paper and watch your own characters you had in your head for so long come to life. I've tried writing. Slowly but surely I get there.

But to understand writing I want to review the books I've enjoyed and loved throughout the years and enjoy and love the books I will read in the future. I believe that this will be an enriching opportunity to actually understand the authors I've read for so many years. Now as the new year approaches, I plan to review books.

My small review out of the sea of reviews will seem insignificant to the author or future readers of the book, but to me, I believe this is one step to do what I've always wanted to do, write.

 So thank you for visiting and I hope you find your voice through your words just like I will.

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