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So if you follow this blog, maybe one or two of you happy souls, it is important to know your blogger right? As a reader you should have some knowledge of the blogger/author. Ha I'm an "author." Well okay so here is summary about me.

I am currently a college student wanting to major in Computer Science at some awesome university in the United States So you, as the reader, "wow why are you interesting in writing book reviews when you are majoring in Computer Science...those are two completely different things" Well to answer your questions, or you had no questions at all and I'm speaking to the unknown, I believe that reading appeals to everyone regardless of your life intentions or goals. Books have the ability to touch the hearts of many regardless of age or gender.

For me, I loved reading at a young age. I would always ask my parents if we go to the book store to get the next Junie B. Jones book. (bringing back memories, right?) My obsession with Junie B. Jones lead to my nickname "little Junie B. Jones" because I too was cursed with glasses at a young age. Junie was honestly my idol, even though she was evil in her own ways, well so am I, can't complain.

As readers, we all have that book that got us hooked to reading, right? For me it all started in 5th grade. I picked up a book called Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo by Obert Skye. Honestly, at the time, I was attracted by the book because it was purple, my favorite color. After devouring this book in a week, I fell in love. I don't think it was possible for a 5th grader to fall in love but I did. THAT BOOK WAS BEYOND WORDS AND COMPREHENSION OF MY 5TH GRADE EXISTENCE *insert 5th grade fangirl here* Till this day I am at awe at this book. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of what fantasy could really be. This book made me realize that there is more to this world besides whats "real".

In middle school, I was apart of the book club and always volunteered for the book fairs. One of my proudest moments in middle school was that I was the first to request to read Mockingjay the first day it released. I was so proud at the time that all I said was "I'm the first person in the whole middle school to read Mockingjay" (But I forgot to realize that there is a thing called Barnes and Noble). Ahh yes I was so naïve. I also was a band geek, CLARINETS RULE!!. During rehearsals I would sneak in my book and read a few pages before it would start.

In high school I was on and off with reading. I just didn't feel like reading as much as I wanted to. I got carried away from focusing on my studies that I forgot the one thing that actually made me happy, reading. But senior year I got back to reading and I'm happy with it, even now. Thanks to my best friend, she took me to a book festival. I remember what awe and comfort I felt with books.

My goal is to read till I can't read no more.

I did't mean for the rant/story/??? to be so long.

So here is a shorter version of about me.

  • I like cats and the color purple
  • Whipped cream and caramel together is my existence
  • I will never get tired of mac and cheese
  • I watch a lot of tv shows, teen wolf, the 100, reign, and more
  • I am weak because my otps control me
  • I have too many favorite books, my goodreads account has them all
  • I know French but I can't speak it
  • I am at a constant struggle of should I learn a programming language? or should I read?
  • I love teaching kids math
  • I like using the upside down question mark for no reason ¿¿¿

Please feel free to leave any comments and thank you so much for reading!

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