[Review] Indebted by Amy A. Bartol ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Amy Bartol has my heart wrapped around her finger and she is welcome to break it anytime. I give in, this series is my favorite EVER.

Honestly, I want to bang my head against the wall for not reading this series sooner. I have seen it everywhere but I never took note of the reviews. But I am glad I started this series.

Summary, the lack of Russell in this book made me sad. We all need a Russell in our lives. 

Okay here is the real summary.

The story continues as Evie, Reed, Buns, and Zephyr search for Brownie and Russell. Brownie and Russell have gone missing and everyone is worried that they are captured or worse, dead. Evie is able to rescue them but it comes with a price. She must spend six months with Brennus, a Persephone and Hades type of agreement. She realizes that her fate as the undead queen would not be a bad option. Evie fakes her relationship with Brennus to the point it is almost real to her. She is so intoxicated by Brennus' deception that she almost gives in. Evie is captive for most of the book till  Reed and their friends make a daring rescue and once again, Evie is back with Reed only to find out they have more demons to face, bigger demons than Brennus. But Brennus' test towards Evie proves how strong she can be. But it comes with a price, war is brewing and now everyone wants Evie on their side.

The complexity of this plot amazes me. I have read a lot of paranormal books but this one has introduced me to possibilities that I couldn't have imagined.

Okay after this book I want Evie too. Like I said before she is my new favorite female heroine. She is so relentless and selfless. She is strong yet gentle, complicated but straightforward, stubborn but understanding. She is one unique person; just like her existence in the world she lives. She is deceptive, intelligent, and always puts others before here. I can go on for days of how amazing she is. Honestly, now I look up to her for her bravery. 

I like Brennus now, he has won my heart but he will do something evil and make me regret giving him my heart. Evie has discovered his soft side but that has been untouched for so long that we might never see it again. 

I can't wait to see how this series ends. With the way things are building up, no one is safe. It will be a full out war and there is no winner in sight. 

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