[Review] Inescapable by Amy A. Bartol ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This series is enchanting. It grabs your attention and does not let go even after you finish it. A dark storyline, a headstrong female protagonist, dooms of the unknown are what make this series a gem.

I had my doubts originally. I thought it would be another paranormal romance between the protagonist and some guy but oh no, there is SO much more than that.

This book is a reminder that you can not judge a series by the first book.

I am on the 5th book and I have to say this series is gripping. It's just the first book is a bit hard to get through. I can understand why so many give up after the first book but the characters will grow on you. Russell will be a precious cinnamon roll that you will want to protect even though he is capable of protecting himself. (Or is that how I feel?)

Evie is starting her first year in college on a full academic scholarship, leaving her small home town and her beloved uncle behind. But in the past few months she has been having nightmares, soon she will discover that they are premonitions. She meets Freddie and they are friends instantly because they relate to each other so well. She meets Russell, a football player, and she believes that she has known him forever. And then she meets Reed, he tells Evie that she does not belong at Crestwood. Evie doesn't believe what he is saying but is curious on why he would suggest such a thing. Evie and Reed soon form an unbreakable bond, no one will get between them. Through several close encounters, Evie discovers that her fate is inescapable*.

There is action, self discovery, unexpected twist and turns, a betrayal and an irreversible decision that will change everyone's lives forever.

Honestly I did not like the first book because it was a bit slow at times. I understand Evie is going through self discovery and what it means to be an angel but at times I thought, why? BUT it gets, lot better. (I'm currently on the last book as I write this review and oh my, there are unexpected twists and gut wrenching truths that I never saw coming. I hate myself for originally doubting this series because this series inescapable*)

Give this book a chance. I know the first book might seem a bit silly at times but it gets a lot better in the later books. The first books are always the basis of what is to come and how the characters will start off.

As I am on the last book of the Premonition series and I have to say, continue reading, you will discover some evil yet sophisticated villains that you will hate and then love. You will learn to love each character because the character development is so personal and moving. Continue reading the Premonition series after Inescapable. You will not regret it.

*I'm sorry for my cheesy uses of inescapable.

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