[Review] Iniquity by Amy A. Bartol ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is the last book of the Premonition Series and I'm all torn up inside. I have gotten so close to each character and I care for each one. Each character, even Brennus, appeals to me in different ways.  I find it quite rare, in books, when an author can make a character stick with you after reading it. I find it especially rare when almost the full cast of characters stick with you after reading it.

Summary: Everyone is Evie's enemy, even her father and guardian Xavier. She doesn't know who to trust and time is ticking before the real enemy comes and finds Evie. And they have. Evie must fight for those she loves and for herself before the darkness will consume them all.

This book had the perfect pacing, plot and tension built up. This book is my favorite out of all the Prenomintion Series and the cover too. That cover is gorgeous. 

The symbolism of the covers changes each time. In this cover, I love how the red is escaping from the white feather which is symbolic for, *spoiler* but if you have read this book then you will understand. 

I love the flashback of Evie's previous lives. It adds a depth that I have yet to experience in a novel. Her memories were really the key in figuring out her purpose in the world, her mission. This book will answer a lot of questions about everyone's past. The "discovery" is so well done with multiple flashbacks and analysis through dialogue. I wish Evie started remembering a little sooner in the series, but that would have interfered with her decisions and I respect the author's decision for waiting to the end; it was the perfect timing. 

I have learned to love Brennus, I believe he had the most character development out of all the characters. At first, he was cruel and cold hearted. He was so focused on getting what he wanted that he resorted to the cruelest ways. Overtime and the interactions with Evie, Brennus has changed. He is caring, shocking considering how he was when I first meet him. At some point of the series, I was team Brennus. His accent and dialect is something I have gotten used to and now love. Brennus has a special place in "Mo chroí" I think I used that right?? Probably not, its more used to direct towards a person but still. Brennus is a special anti-villain. I plan on using banjax. It means destroy and it sounds evil so I like it.

This has been my favorite angel/paranormal series ever. I have read many angel books but this one introduces another dynamic of angels that I have yet to learn about. I'm glad this book did not fall under the normal angel books but added another dimension and branched out to be its own angel series. 

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books about angels, self discovery, paranormal, and a wide set of diverse character who are each  unique in their own way. 

The Premonition series has been a special gem that I have experienced and is now my new favorite paranormal series. Thank you Amy Bartol for this wonderful series and the excellent cast of characters. 

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