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Unforgiving truths are revealed and Evie's world is rocked to the core when the Gancanagh arrive and want her as their queen. There is a complete change from Inescapable to Intuition. You will gain respect and admire Evie. The actions and choices Evie takes part in will make you feel all kinds of emotions, sorrow, anger, forgiveness and fear. I definitely felt fear when reading Intuition. 

Evie sacrifices herself a lot in this book. It is with all good intention but she needs to realize that she will ultimately destroy those around her with her recklessness. But that is who she is, a Seraphim, a protector of the ones she loves. She runs away with Russell in order to protect her family, Reed, Brownie, Buns, and Zephyr. But this leads to her capture by a Gancanagh named Brennus and his "fellas". He wants her to become his undead queen and Evie can not allow that. She is loyal to her real family, her angel family, but with the deception and trickery Brennus imposes, it is hard for Evie to make the right decisions. She would rather chose death, and almost did, in order not to be turned into a Gancanagh. Death, to Evie, was a better option than giving up her soul and becoming the undead queen. Evie then discovers that Reed and Zephyr are captured by the Dominion and Evie must save them. The trail occurs and then the decision that saves them all but defined Evie's fate. Evie still has a lot to learn what it means to be a Seraphim and must find a way to escape Brennus, who will go to the ends of the Earth to get Evie to be his queen.

Brennus, wow, what do I say?? I really don't know what to say. You are evil but you are honest? You are just very very frustrating. Brennus and his fellas are undead Irish fairy vampires, as Evie puts it, who will do whatever it takes to get their queen back.

In this book we get chapters of Russell's perspective, which adds more depth to what is really happening. Poor Russell, he is discovering what it means to be a Seraphim and the only person who can tell him is Evie but she is captured. Russell also remembers all the lives he has shared with Evie which adds another level of torment Russell has to endure. 

I like the concept of how Russell is her soulmate, Reed is her heart and Brennus is her blood. It's a unique concept because these three things ultimately make up an individual. Our soul, heart, and blood make us who we are and for Evie, Russell, Reed and Brennus make up who she is and each define an important role in her life. Evie sees her equal in each person.

There are some parts that broke my heart. The voicemails from Reed to Evie was just painful to read. You can hear the depth of emotion and hurt felt by Reed and Evie's emotional struggle not to go back.

Overall this book is leading up to being one of my favorite ya book series ever and I think Evie is going to be my favorite female character ever. She is unbelievable and unreal.

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