Monday Update #2

HAPPY MONDAY!! :D Each Monday I will update you guys on the books I have read, planning to read, any bookish news and anything cool that has been happening in my life.

Last week I finished reading Beyond the Red by Ava Jae and The Vampire Games by Stephanie Archer. Both were fabulous reads. I thoroughly enjoyed each book and I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to read an ARC of each one.

Beyond the Red is a sci-fi/dystopian novel about a queen, Kora, who fights for her rule for her territory and a half blood warrior, Eros, who tries to find his purpose in the world. Their paths cross when Kora captures him and makes him her personal servant. Then a shocking and bitter betrayal set both Kora and Eros on the run while protecting Eros' secret that could alter the territoy's history. This book is action packed and gripping. I am sad to say it is a standalone. The ending was perfect but I wanted more from Kora and Eros because they have such interesting backgrounds and personalities. Let me be clear, I am sad because I have grown attached to this characters, not because of the lack of detail or resolution in the novel. The detail in this novel is perfect and the resolution is heartbreaking but satisfying. Read my full review here.

*Side note: Serek is a precious cinnamon roll, pass it on.

The Vampire Games is Hunger Games meets vampires when graduating senior Bianka is captured by the secret league of vampires and must fight for her freedom. She thought her world was normal, she thought she had her future figured out, she thought she knew the people around her. Lies have been told and loyalties have been broken, Bianka must navigate her way through the web of the hidden world of the vampires. I do not read vampire books often but with The Vampire Games I found it refreshing and different. Read my full review here.

This week I plan on finishing Of Light and Darkness by Shayne Leighton and Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. Both have been interesting reads. Very unique from what I normally read.

Of Light and Darkness is categorized as New Adult.** It is different, but in a good way. The writing is more mature and a lot more descriptive. The first couple of pages took me in and did not let me go. It has been a long time since a book has captivated me in such a way. I am 100 pages within the book but I know this will be a wonderful and detailed read.

**New Adult is a new genre up where it falls between Young Adult and Adult Fiction. It is more mature, the characters are usually 18+ years old and deal with more mature situations. 

Charlotte is born in a world where all the paranormal legends are true, vampires, fairies, witches, you name it. She was abandoned  as a baby but Valek saw something in her. He is a vampire who has been through a lot, loneliness threatens him each day till he crossed paths with baby Charlotte, ever since he has found a purpose through her. I believe there will be a tipping point soon but right now it is world building and understanding the setting, which has all been done beautifully. Everything is so real and natural that I almost want to live there, besides the fact there is a creepy 4 armed creature that eats fairies but hey, no world is perfect. Charlotte is very lively and friendly to everyone. She is youthful yet mature, brave yet vulnerable, and daring yet cautious. I look forward to finish this novel and reading the next book, Of Blood and Magic.

I have wanted to read Truthwitch ever since Sarah J Maas recommended it. Honestly, I will read whatever she recommends because her selection in books is on point. So far I have meet the two main characters. Safiya and Iseult. They are the perfect female duo. They are the yin and yang to each other. I find it refreshing that there are two female leads with equal potential and ability but are both very different from each other. Their tactics are opposites yet they are able to find compromises. The world building is good so far. Honestly, I wish I read a bit more at this point but I believe after the first 30 pages, I will enjoy this book. The two main characters have me hooked and anything Sarah J Maas recommends, I will read it.

Reflecting on my last Monday Update, Brennus still holds a special place in my heart, even his irish accent and his use of "moi chori". I actually used banjax when describing my recent baking episode. (It was awful I tried to make cookies and it failed epically) I said, "I banjaxed my cookies" Banjax means destroy. Yes Brennus still has an influence.

If you don't know who I am talking about check out my previous about the premonition series on my blog. :) 
Inescapable, Intuition, Indebted, Incendiary, Iniquity 

BUT there may be some spoilerly content in these reviews so I would just check out this post here or the first two book reviews.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you guys have a lovely and happy week!

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