Monday Update #3

This past week I finished THREE BOOK!! That is honestly shocking considering I had so much homework and assignments I had to do this week but I got it done.

I think I fell in love with a book. It tends to happen but this time I think I really have.

The book is Of Light and Darkness by Shayne Leighton. It is a dark fantasy that encompasses, from what I believe, Alice and Wonderland inspirations, and a love so sweet that I actually adore.

Charlotte is born in a world of magic and monsters. She is raised by a vampire who is not welcomed in the secret society of the paranormal. Charlotte believes that she knows the truth of her world but when a war threatens her friends and the one she truly cares about, she must fight for them all. She must turn to the dark side in order to save the ones she loves.  Charlotte must follow her heart. Her heart leads her to Valek. Together they must fight together in order to protect each other and stop a war that could possibility expose their existence to the human world.

This book will be one of my favorite reads for a very long time. It has all the elements that I adore in a novel and I'm so happy that I got the opportunity to read and discover this book. :')

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I also read Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. This book was thrilling. I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish. The idea of thread sisters inspired me. I loved how Safi and Iseult are two equal leading females who value their friendship and their lives above all. I have found a quote that actually spoke to me,

“Oh, now I see why you have these.” Safi lifted her eyebrows, daring Iseult to argue. “They aren’t for disguise at all. You just didn’t want to leave behind your favorite book.” 

I can't describe how this quote represents me and my passion for books. I have read very few books about witches and this happens to be my favorite one. I can't wait for the next novel.

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The final book I read this past week was Song of Kai by Karpov Kinrade. I have enjoyed the Nightfall Chronicles. Each book brings a new perspective of the situation at hand. Scarlett is my favorite hero. Almost like an anti-hero. Many believe that she is an enemy but her intentions of freeing those who have been mistreated for so long are honorable. Scarlett truly believes in her cause. She is the hero that no one expects. But this novella is through the eyes of Corrine. She will be the symbol of new change and opportunities that has been ignored for so long. But she must find who she truly is after Kai's death. Does she want to become queen or does she want to aid Nightfall and stop her own father's plans of destruction. Nevertheless, I believe Corrine and Scarlett will be an unstoppable team.

This novella is a beautiful addition to the Nightfall Chronicles and I can't wait for Daughter of Strife, the third book of the Nightfall Chronicles.

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This week, at long last, without any further delay, I will read The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. I have read The Shiver Trilogy and The Scorpio Races and finally I will read The Raven Cycle. I really enjoyed The Shiver Trilogy and The Scorpio Races. I have heard many great things about The Raven Cycle. I have seen so many reviews and edits on Tumblr about this series that I have to read it. Also, because of a certain someone constant talk and love towards this series. I am persuaded to finally start this series. I personally think Maggie Stiefvater's writing is very unique from what I normally read, which is a great thing! I still remember The Shiver Trilogy and how eloquently written it was and I finished the series 4 years ago. Honestly, I am so excited to read this series and I know I will not be disappointed.

Thank you so much for continuing to read my blog. It really does mean a lot to me. :') I hope you guys have an awesome and fun filled week.

If you have any suggested of what I should read next, please tell me! I would love to read and review your suggestions!

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