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First I would like to say thank you to the author, Shayne Leighton, for providing me a reviewers copy of Of Light and Darkness. 

"I stood and looked at the stars, intricate beading that mapped out our fate. Fate. The world used to mean something. Through now, I learn to only appreciate the tangible, the here and now, and things set before my eyes. My world of magic had become so void of possibility and I'd become my only friend over the vast years that turned on a dial like minutes. Expendable. Life was expendable."

Charlotte is born in a world of magic and monsters. She is raised by a vampire who is not welcomed in the secret society of the paranormal. Charlotte believes that she knows the truth of her world but when a war threatens her friends and the one she truly cares about, she must fight for them all. She must turn to the dark side in order to save the ones she loves.  Charlotte must follow her heart. Her heart leads her to Valek. Together they must fight together in order to protect each other and stop a war that could possibility expose their existence to the human world.

Of Light and Darkness is one of those rare books that will make you feel, think, and wonder. I was swept away to the world Of Light and Darkness. I have been looking for this type of book for a long time, a dark fantasy that will hold you from start to end.

Charlotte lives in world of vampires, wizards, witches, fairies, and more. 

The setting, Occult Cities, set outside of Prague, are hidden magical communities where witches, vampires, elves can leave without the detection of humans. I loved this concept. It is an Urban Fantasy, which are my favorite settings because it adds to the possibilities and the dimensions of our world. 

This book is dark, every character has a darkness to them, even Charlotte. 

I loved Charlotte from the start. She reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, navigating a world full of magic and monsters with the guidance from her friends and Valek. Charlotte is strong and beautiful. She is unfazed by the monsters around her. She sees the humanity in them. 

"'I am the thing watching from the darkness until the day you die, ' he whispered. 'The thing that will haunt you as you dream. The only thing... you will never defeat'"

I loved how "monsters", Valek in this case, have a soft side. They are vulnerable and fearful just like anyone else. It alludes to the idea that what are considered monsters, are not actually monster, but are lost and trying to find their way. Valek was a monster, he was lost before he meet Charlotte. I love the concept of how immortal and dark beings trying to navigate their way through the world. I love Shayne Leighton added a human aspect to Valek, he cried. He cried for Charlotte. He cried for his defeats. I can't emphasize enough how much guys do not cry in novels and I find it frustrating that no one can be that strong and not to cry. As Valek cried, I wanted to cry with him.

"After all, the only force on this earth more powerful than magic, more powerful even than death…is love. You know it as well as I. Love is eternal. Love is immortal. It has existed long before you or I, and it will exist even after we become ash in the wind. Love is impenetrable. Love is indestructible. And, like death, love does not discriminate.”

I loved Charlotte's and Valek's relationship, it was different but sweet. Charlotte and Valek are from two opposite worlds. Charlotte is suppose to hate Valek but she loves him and he loves her even though he is not suppose to love a mortal. They would go through any lengths to protect one another. They are the yin and the yang to each others existence. 

I can't stress enough how much love this book. It gave me warm feelings that I haven't felt since reading Splintered by AG Howard. The world building and the characters spoke to me. I wanted to get lost in this world and fight along with Charlotte and her friends against Aiden. Normally I love certain aspects of books but never the setting. I loved the setting and the premise Of Light and Darkness. I am sold honestly. Where and when can I move to Charlotte's world?

While reading Of Light and Darkness I was getting an Alice and Wonderland vibe and I absolutely loved it. I love anything Alice and Wonderland and the fact that I found Alice and Wonderland elements in this novel made me love it even more. Charlotte is Alice and all the monsters she meets are the creatures of Wonderland. The Mad Hatter is like Valek, trying to guide her through the world of witches, wizards, elves, and fairies. The Red Queen is Aiden. He wants Charlotte for his personal gains. The White Army I believe would be Charlotte's friends, Sarah, Mr Třínožka, Dusana, Lusian, Jorge, Edwin, and even Francis. Charlotte doesn't realize how valuable she is to everyone and she may soon be the center of battle that will involve everyone. This is just a fan theory and I hope I am on the right track. :)

Again, I absolutely loved Of Light and Darkness. I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves vampires, urban fantasy, (alice and wonderland resemblance), and new adult genre.

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