[ARC Review] Song of Kai by Karpov Kinrade ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

First, I would like to say thank you to the author, Karpov Kinrade, for providing me an ARC of Song of Kai (The Nightfall Chronicles #2.5) ebook.

“I have sung the Song of the Dead before. As Crown Princess it has been my duty to usher a handful of high ranking puremen with royal blood from this life to the next in formal ceremony. But never have I sung this song for one I loved.”

“I was too young to sing it for my mother. My father sang her song, though how he managed it I will never know. He must have buried his grief deep to make it through that night. And now, I must sing Kai’s.”

She is fire and she is ice. Corrine is a princess not to be reckoned with. Song of Kai proves just that. She does not follow the expectations and rules of a princess who will soon be queen. She follows what she believes is right, not what the lies the court has told her. I find this refreshing because Corrine will become the queen that many will love. She will be the symbol of new change and equality that has been ignored for so long. And now she will aid Nightfall. Scarlett and Corrine will be unstoppable.

Song of Kai is a novella, taking place in between House of Ravens and Daughter of Strife through the eyes of Corrine.

With the book's title, Song of Kai, I must talk about Kai. Kai was a rare character who was thoughtful yet strong, brilliant yet witty, and passionate yet serious. I have to admit, Kai was a very rare character. He embodies all the personalities of what I believe someone should have. Honestly, I started sobbing when I read that scene involving him and *spoilerly*. I will miss him so much.

A major element this novella discussed was the visions of Corrine's Grandmother had of her and Scarlett. This adds an element of wonder to the world of the Nightfall Chronicles. Scarlett and her uprising has been planned and envisioned and there are powers wanting to see her succeed. But there are other forces, possibly stronger forces, that will want Scarlet and Nightfall to fall.

We also meet Jace. He will have a major impact in the later novels because of his technologies and weaponry that are close to the Nephilim. He may aid Nightfall's cause and be a crucial ally or be an enemy and Corrine may have to decide where her loyalties lie.

This novella is a beautiful addition to the Nightfall Chronicles and I can't wait for Daughter of Strife, the third book of the Nightfall Chronicles.

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