[Review] The Rose Society by Marie Lu ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The wait for The Rose Society was a long and hard wait. The Young Elites had left me in tears.

The concept is unique and awe inspiring. She is the villain of her own story. If you want a dark fantasy, this is it. Look no more because The Young Elites trilogy is the darkest series I have ever read. Adelina has embraced what it means to be a villain and she must seek justice for those who have wronged her. What makes it worst is that her own friends and now her sister, have turned their back on her and Adelina must seek what is rightfully hers without the help of those she once trusted.

Adelina Amouteru has been through hell and back and now she has turned to the dark and sinister side of revenge. Everyone now knows Adelina has the White Wolf and is feared by many. Adelina and her sister flee and try to find other Young Elites that will side with Adelina's cause. With her own allies, Adeline's new purpose is to take down the Inquisition Axis. But even with her new allies, Adelina can not trust them. Everyone wants her dead, Teren, leader of the Inquisition, and Raffaele and the Dagger Society, her friends who had brought her back from the verge of darkness brought  by her father, only to push her farther to the darkness. And now, there is no way Adelina can be saved. She has accepted the darkness and now she is on a path of vengeance. 

The new characters are delightful. Magiano has brought some light to the darkness of Adelina. He tries to see the goodness of Adelina even though it is very hard for Adelina to accept it. I believe he will have an important part in the final book.

There are some very shocking turn of events and a revelation that endangers all the elites. 

The ending was not as bad as The Young Elites, which ripped my heart out like it was nothing, but this ending left me on edge.  The ending is shocking. Thinking that Adelina got everything she wanted, a kingdom and a crown, she still has doubts of what it really means to have the world on the palms of her hands.

       "I force a smile onto my face. In the silence, I sit alone on my throne and wait eagerly for all the stratification and triumph to hit me. I wait, and wait, and wait.

      But it doesn't come." 

The last book will be battle and no one is safe.

Well on a happier note, I hope, I got a signed copy of The Rose Society! It's my very first signed book
and I was in tears when I got it. <3

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