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Tuesdays are the days where I will update you what am I reading. And I hope that I will be able to entice you guys into reading this books with me :D

On this particular Tuesday I am reading Beyond the Red by Ava Jae and The Vampire Games by Stephanie Archer and both are arcs, which makes it even more special for me to read.
Side note: Arcs are a like secret keys that the publishers make and only give it to a selected few. Usually those who are uber cool bloggers and are widely known and when first started this blog, I thought that I wouldn't get an arc for months but I have gotten several already and I'm so very thankful and happy.

The first book I will discuss is Beyond the Red by Ava Jae. 

So far I am loving the sci-fi movie type of feel to it. I am loving this book. I tend to avoid sci-fi books because they get too complicated or it reminds me of some sci-fi movie I have watched. (I watch a lot of sci-fi movies, a lot).

Kora is the first female ruler of her territory in many generations. Many do not believe that she is capable of ruling and this has resulted in mass rioting and violent protests because the people want her twin brother to take rule. But Kora is not swayed by the unrest and is determined to protect and rule her people, with their interest in mind. 

Eros is a rebel solider. He is a half blood and his kind are not suppose to live. A blessing and a curse, he is captured by Kora's soldiers and now few know his secret. He is sworn to be Kora's enslaved body guard. But one betrayal that sets Kora's and Eros' world crumbling and they must fight for their freedom or be captured and executed for their crimes.

So far it has been an action packed thrill ride. Kora is a tactful and strong. She is capable of strategy and manipulation. Eros is cunning yet succinct. There is an unexpected betrayal that I never saw coming. It reminds me how vicious people are for power and to what lengths they are willing to go to achieve that power.

The writing is different, but in a good way. It's outspoken. For example, you clearly know what is going on in each characters head without a filter, cursing included. Honestly, I feel like I am watching a movie. A really good sci-fi action packed movie. 

The second book I will discuss is The Vampire Games by Stephanie Archer. So far I am getting a Daybreakers (the movie) and Hunger Games vibe. Bianka and her friend Marc are trapped in a nest of vampires. They are soon find themselves having to fight for their lives or risk being harvested. After their failed escape, Bianka and Marc find themselves with other humans trying for their freedom. There is a blue eyed vampire, Prince Phillip, that bought Bianka as his "champion" and now she must become a trained fighter to win back her freedom. So far the book is promising. I think it is a standalone but so far I'm throughly enjoying it. It has been a while since I read a vampire book and not thought something negative about it.

If you like the Hunger Games and vampires, this book is for you!

The Vampire Games is a very quick read, only 200 pages I believe, and has an interesting set of characters. Bianka is special. It is evident from the start that she is aware of her surroundings than most. She is a fighter but her true purpose is yet to be revealed.

For more information about Beyond the Red, please visit goodreads.

For more information about The Vampire Games, please visit goodreads.

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