[Review] Darkness Before Dawn by J.A. London ⭐️⭐️⭐️

"Outside, the sun drops below the horizon, and a hushed calm descends as everyone pretends not to watch. My parents wanted a world where sunsets could be beautiful, instead of feared. I have to remind myself that I want that, too. That's what I'm fighting for." 

Darkness before dawn was a very interesting book honestly. Some parts were very moving and meaningful but some parts wanted me to stop reading and not finish it. Overall I am content on reading this book but I feel like there could have been more to it.

Dawn lives in a world where vampires control the world and humans are only allowed to live in certain cities. She is appointed the new delegate of the city of Denver at the request of 'Bloody' Valentine. Her parents were the delegates before but they were slain by rouge vampires. She is the peacekeeper for both humans and vampires. In reality, she is trying to coup with her parent's death and her brewing hate towards the vampires till one day, Victor comes into her life and her perception of everything changes. 

Dawn, literally, has the city of Denver on her soldiers and every action she makes reflects herself and impacts citizens. However, she can be witty and badass too. She has crucifix tattoos on either side of her neck as a token to her brother, who also had them. It's pretty badass but I believe there had more symbolism but it wasn't discussed. I felt as if many aspects of the book could have been explored but it wasn't.

I did not Michael at all because of his arrogant "I'm a strong guy I can do anything" attitude. But Victor is swoon worthy. He is passionate about his cause, uniting humans and vampires. Also, he wants to save everyone and I believe he can with his "plan." With those captivating blue eyes and swoon worthy actions, Victor is my favorite character and the only reason I'll continue reading this series.

I normally don't write negative like reviews but honestly, I'm just disappointed. I wish there was more details on everything really. But this book does have it's strong points. 

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