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We already existed on a level of hell. And we would have to walk right through this hell to leave it.

I throughly enjoyed The Bone Season It was absolutely unique and engaging. The amount of detail and imagination is note worthy. I have to admit I would have loved this book even more if it wasn't too intense in the world development. But that is understandable considering how unique this world is. It requires this amount of world building at an early stage to really understand what is going on. 

Paige Mahoney is working in the criminal world of Scion London. Her purpose is to break into people’s mind in order to find information. She is a dream walker which is rare and illegal. Paige is not supposed to exist because she is dangerous. But then she is kidnapped and taken to Oxford, controlled by a powerful race of Rephaites who have remained in secret for over 200 years. They capture clairvoyants and harness their powers. However, when Paige's truth is revealed, she is wanted by many but she is also a threat that many want dead.

The concept of clairvoyants is interesting. Their powers are controlling spirits, foretelling the future, sending messages to others and more. Actually, Paige's ability is something that I have thought of constantly when I was younger, going into people's dreamscape and see they truly are. I'm so happy that Samantha Shannon wrote about this concept. 

Paige is a sassy and cunning cinnamon roll. She did not deserve her past. All she wanted was someone to see her as who she was, a human, not by her ability. But she is intelligent and cunning.  I think Warden is the definition of a precious cinnamon roll. He is tough and ruthless but on the inside he has a soft and gentle side. He sees more to Paige then she sees in herself. 

I honestly don't know why I'm referring to the characters as cinnamon rolls¿

This novel can be considered young adult, adult fiction or even new adult. It has all the elements.

I would like to mention the unfair expectations the author has to live up to. "The Next JK Rowling" "The Next Harry Potter" These are unreasonable and unfair expectations to pin on an author, a new author. No one can be the next anything unless the author wrote it. These unfair expectations ruin the promise of a novel. A reader is expecting "the next whatever" and has those expectations in mind but in reality, the book is no where near it. It is unfair to the authors especially. They had no intention of copying or being "the next whatever." Judge a book by its content, don't compare it to anything else.

For information about this book please visit barnes and noble. 

I would normally recommend you guys to visit goodreads but the reviews are deterring and not close to what the novel is about, in my opinion. Yes the first 50 pages are intense in world building but that is to get the reader to understand the novel. Take your time reading that part and then you'll love and enjoy the rest. Please don't get deterred about the failed expectations about "the next whatever" because it is misleading. 

My advice, and please take it into consideration, pay attention to the first 50 pages, understand the world Paige is living in, and then after, you will throughly enjoy this book.

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