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I am going to give this book six stars because it is the finale of my favorite book series ever. It is well deserved. I have loved Alice and Wonderland since I was a child and this was the first retelling that I truly fell in love with .

Untamed is the last book/novella of the Splintered Series. It is split into three parts The Boy in the Web, The Moth and the Mirror, and Six Impossible Things. The Boy in the Web and The Moth and the Mirror have been previously released and have been added together with Six Impossible Things to make Untamed.

I love this series so much, soo very much.

For this review I want talk about Six Impossible things because it was my favorite section of the book.

Long live Queen Alyssa. May you forever be young, mad, and free

Six Impossible Things is about 6 of Alyssa's favorite memory after Ensnared. It mentions to the future with Jeb and the future with Morpheus. This is spoilerly. After the ending of Ensnared, there is a epilogue that is about Jeb's death, because of old age, and Alyssa's decent to Wonderland. It was very short, in my opinion, and I wanted more, more detail about how Alyssa's life was growing old with Jeb and her ruling in Wonderland with Morpheus.

This novella had every detail that I was asking for, a wedding, the decent to Wonderland, and a child! Even though I cried most of this book I throughly enjoyed every detail this book had to offer.

My favorite memory is Alyssa's and Jeb's wedding. Even though I am Team Morpheus, I feel as if Jeb is the one best for Alyssa. They gave up so much for each other.

When I plan to reread books again, the Splintered Series will be the first. The Splintered Series is madly beautiful. This novella wrapped up the Splintered Series beautifully but I hope one day AG Howard visits the world of Wonderland.

There are too many words to describe how wonderful this series is. All I can do is recommend the Splintered Series and hope that you guys will be ensnared in the world of Wonderland as I am.

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