[Review] Drawn to Darkness by K.R. Davies ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dreams come true...the Awakening draws closer...and now Dea must choose between the dark forces drawing her towards the vampire of her nightmares, and the relationship that is heating up between her and Santi. If she does not give in to Him, her best friend's life may be forfeited. But is Ana's life worth giving up the Second-Part of the Prophecy for? Every choice that Dea makes holds the ultimate fate of the world in balance. And the pressure is starting to show.

Another month of action, romance, death and drama. 

Let the darkness draw you in..

Ahh this series keeps getting better. Book 1, The Vampire Wars, left on a major cliff hanger because Dea finally meets Him. And his name is Stuart. 

I was starting to like Stuart throughout the middle of the book and I was about to refer him as a misunderstood cinnamon roll but now he is just evil.

The research of the vampires is so well done. I'm actually learning from reading this series. There is definitely a human aspect to vampires and the author does a wonderful job of emphasizing these aspects.

In book 2, Drawn to Darkness, we learn a lot more of the Apophi and the history behind their ruling. The apocalyptic prophecy is being reveled slowly but Dea holds the key to the second part of the prophecy. But Dea is trying to navigate her way through her new world while she yearns to go back to her old life.

I'll be honest, the motorcycle scenes are thrilling. I know they are hard to write but these kinds of scenes are so exciting. I'm kind of glad there is another one in this book because it's so well done.

I feel as if a lot tension has been built up and we'll finally see what happens when *spoilerly thing* I can't imagine what will happen. 

If you want to understand my feelings about Stuart, here is a look from my goodreads updates: 

Ps: After I post this review I'm jumping onto the third book, Fulfillment. I'm super excited.

Pss: I'm actually 20% through Fulfillment. I couldn't help myself.

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