My NTTBF Experience!

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the North Texas Teen Book Festival. I would say lucky considering I had to request off and I had nothing major due that weekend. (College life can be unpredictable.) But it has been one of the most memorable days of my life. I'll never forget it. I was able to attend last year but for only half of the event. But those few hours reminded me how much I loved reading. I just recently, I would say a year ago, just come out of a major book hiatus. I did not read anything. I had no interest in books. I would say this problem was a result of the mess (to put it blatantly) high school felt like to me. I was so distracted in fitting that I forgot who I was. Anyways, last years NTTBF, along with the help of a friend, allowed me to realize how much I missed reading and how much reading is apart of my life.

Okay now to the fun stuff! :D
Throughout the day I attended panels featuring some of my favorite authors. Honestly, each hour there were so many great panels featuring so many of my favorite authors that I got overwhelmed. But luckily I got to see all my favorite authors, especially one in particular which I will fangirl about later.

The first panel that I attended was Alternate History which featured Rachel Cain, Andrea Cremer, Christina Diaz Gonzalez, Nathan Hale, and Marie Rutkoski. The authors in this panel discussed how history influenced their current or past novels. The first moment I entered the room was surreal. I would never forget the feeling. It was almost like awe and shock all together. I learned what "steam punk" meant, thanks to Andrea Cremer because her new series is an alternate world that deals with major steam punk elements. I also discovered Marie Rutkoski's The Winner's Curse series was somewhat based of the Roman Empire.

The next panel I went to was called the Pawn which featured Victoria Aveyard, Mary E. Pearson, Cindy Pan, Marie Rutkoski, Elissa Sussman, and Becky Wallace. The authors in this panel discussed royalty and how their characters were pawns in a political system. It was very interesting to see how just one character could be the center of a major political system. I felt like I could relate this concept to life. In life we are all pawns in someone's game, whether its in a political system or a family system.

I didn't attend a panel the next hour because in order to get books signed by the queen herself, Marie Lu, I had to get a ticket. So I went to get a ticket and the line was as long as the building itself. I realized I had no chance of getting a ticket and my hope for meeting Marie Lu, at that point, was gone. At that point I just strolled my way to where the books were being sold. And oh my there were a lot of books! I ended up getting 4 amazing books from 4 amazing and talented authors.

1) The Diviners by Libba Bray
2) A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray
3) The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows
4) The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan

After I got some cool bookish things. I actually have majority of these items posted on my wall. Every morning I'm reminded of what fun I had at the festival. :)
But the one thing that I was so happy about was getting a sampler of Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi!!! There were arcs but they were for show but just seeing it was thrilling. 

After the panels it was finally time for the book signing. I thought the book signings started in the signing room, it was not. I thought the book signings were inside the building, it was not. I then realized that the signing line was OUTSIDE the building, wrapped around the building like a snake. At that point I knew I wouldn't get books signed by Marie lu and any other authors such as, Libba Bray, Claudia Gray, Jodi Meadows, and Sara Rees Brennan. I stayed in line though. Eventually I did get my book signed by Jodi Meadows. She was so sweet and wrote "Be a queen." I'll definitely be a queen now, or something close to it. I could never be a queen like Wilhelmina in The Orphan Queen.

But, the highlight of my day was when I was able to meet Marie Lu and get my books signed. MARIE LU SIGNED MY BOOKS!!! SHE SIGNED MY BOOKS EVEN THOUGH I DIDNT HAVE A TICKET!!! She was just patiently sitting and talking with other authors. Marie Lu is a cinnamon roll and a queen. She is so sweet beyond words.

Overall this experience has been very memorable. I won't forget the advice and words many of my favorite authors mentioned. Several memorable quotes:

"Someone's dystopia is someone's utopia." - Alex London author of Proxy
"Your dream will become someone's life" - Caragh M. O'Brien author of Birthmarked 
"Characters can be the best and worst of you" - said by the 3rd panel with obrien and zombie person

The third annual NTTBF is scheduled for March 3-4 2017!

What's your most recent/favorite book experience? :D

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