[ARC Review] Midnight Star by Karpov Kinrade ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I was an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life, until I sold my soul to save my mother. Now, I am forced to choose between my heart and my conscience. 
Either way, someone I love will die.


Now that is a thrilling sequel. I finished this book in one sitting. Not once taking my eyes off this book.

After that heart breaking cliff hanger from Vampire Girl, we follow Arianna's journey through the seven realms and eventually learn the side of the Fae. Arianna is more than a girl, more than a princess, she is more than anything she has ever dreamt of. She has power, she has a voice, and she is the key in uniting the world of vampires and Fae, if she is able to harness her new abilities as *spoiler*.

The title, Midnight Star, does play a major role in this book. It has significance which drives the main purpose of this book The Midnight Star is a symbol, a meaning, a calling that hasn't been heard for so long. But now, it has been awakened.

I don't know if this is spoilerly or not but DRAGONSSS! That's all I'll say about it. But this/these dragon(s) are important. This dragon is a symbol, a sign of hope. But a hope depending on who's side you are on, vampires or fae.

There is a lot of critical information about the history behind the seven realms and who Arianna really is. The world building was wonderfully woven throughout the novel. Thrown into a world unimagnable, Arianna must navigate her way and protect those who she loves.

The writing is so lively and engaging that I finished this book in one sitting. I was hooked from the start.

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