Monday Update #17

I'm finally a college sophomore :') I think I've said this a million times already but I'm just really happy. This summer will be filled with a lot of changes. I hope these changes will be beneficial. Change is a vague term but whatever it is, I think I know what these changes will be, I hope it will turn out for better. 

With all this extra time, I plan to improve my blogging skills and read A LOT more. I've already finished a book in one day. I also have 9ish blog tours within the next 40 days. I don't understand how this happened, well I think one night I got super bored and signed up for 23292 book tours, but I'm really excited. I've done 2 blog tours already and I believe this is a great way to read books by new authors. There are some blog tours that I'm really looking forward to like The Midnight Sea by Kat Ross and 27 Days to Midnight by Kristine Kruppa.


This past week I finished Midnight Star by Karpov Kinrade. Anything and everything this author writes is golden. The Nightfall Chronicles ,which I've posted reviews for EVERY BOOK, is a gripping story of a girl who is a vigilante, she gives a voice to those who seek justice. You can read my reviews for each title, in order by series, A Court of Nightfall, House of Ravens (I cried for a couple of days fyi),  Night of Nyx, and Song of Kai (I cried even more fyi). 

Their new series, beginning with Vampire Girl, is about the seven deadly sins, personified by each vampire prince and Arianna must navigate her way through this new world in order to discover who she really is and to protect her mother. She has no idea that she is the one to unite the realms. You can read my full review here

That's all for this week. What books are you reading this week? Will you be apart of any book tours soon?

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