Monday Update #19 - Plot Setting

So, it has been 2 weeks since my classes have ended, a week since my summer class have started, and I managed to injure myself (well my finger but still). With this sudden crappy development, I'm finding it hard to type, literally. Having been accustomed with typing since I was 6 years old, I am finding it difficult to type without my middle finger. I have to wear a cast over it in order for it to heal and eventually scar. I'm not actually flicking people off, I just have to keep that finger elevated. With this development, my reviews will be shorter, but to the point, I have postponed some blog updates till further notice.

I think sarcasm and disgust is dripping from that paragraph above but yeah, I'm pretty annoyed about it so bear with me.

I rearranged my bookshelf this past weekend. I recently got The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa, which literally threw my bookshelf off balance. I tried to squeeze it in and half my books fell. I feel like with this new arrangement I will be able to pile as many books I want but I believe the books would feel uncomfortable with it. All that weight on the bottom book would be unpleasant, if the book had feelings.

This past week I have finished two amazing books, My Soul to Take and My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent. You can click on each title to check out my 5 star review for each. It's well deserving, in my opinion. And the covers are beautiful and haunting.


This week I am reading My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent. I'm 70% through and with the recent discovery of *spoiler*, I'm screaming internally because my OTP* might be end game. I should finish today but with the possibility that my OTP* might be end game is making me hesitant to finish.

*If you don't know what OTP means, message me. This is dire information that you must know. It's essential to your existence and my existence.

I want to end off on talking about plot settings, especially with urban fantasy books. I have read countless urban fantasy books and I was blown away at how real everything felt. There could be monsters, demons, vampires or any paranormal creature right next to you and you would never know. But I always wondered, why isn't there an urban fantasy set where I live. I live somewhat close to a big city (many miles away but still). I thought if I read a book with a setting close to where I live, the story would come to life. I would know exactly where the characters are because I can actually imagine the setting they are in.

I started My Soul to Take and I instantly loved it because it is set in Dallas. I finally found a book that I could envision the setting. Setting is important to me because it really sets up the overall theme of the book. If I can't imagine it, I will have a hard time connecting with the characters. With My Soul to Take, Rachel Vincent mentions several locations that I have actually been to. I could easily imagine Kaylee and Nash at White Rock Lake because I have been there many times. I can imagine them driving through Dallas downtown because I have done that too. I find this so important as a reader because this makes this story real, almost real, but real enough where I can imagine it all happening.

Have you ever related to a setting in a particular book? What books are you guys reading this week? Let me know in the comments!

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