Monday Update #20 - Cliff Hangers

I have had this blog now for 5 months!!! Nearly half a year! I will post my Monthly Update soon but I'm ecstatic that I've made it this far.

This past week I finished My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent, the third book of The Soul Screamers Series. I have throughly enjoyed this series. It's an urban fantasy about death and those who can feel and predict death.

The second book I finished was Soldier by Julie Kagawa. I think we can all agree that her writing is amazing. I'm a sucker for cliff hangers, even though I cry or my heart breaks but that's okay. It's the third book in the Talon Saga. If you haven't read any of Julie Kagawa's book, I highly recommend it.


This week I am participating in 2 book tours! The first one is today, In the Shadow of the Dragon King by J. Keller Ford. You can read my review here. The second book tour that I will be participating in is The Midnight Society by Rhonda Sermon. I will be posting it Friday so keep an eye out :D

I am currently reading Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout. This is actually New Adult and I'm really enjoying it so far. Fae causing trouble in the streets of New Orleans with a kickass female heroine and a swoon worthy partner, sign me up. She is the queen of unique plot lines. I will read anything she writes in  YA. I have read the Lux Series and the Covenant Series so far.

This week I want to discuss cliff hangers. I personally love cliff hangers because it gets me thinking. I don't want a everything is okay by the end type book. I know I'll probably be in tears or stressed out by the end but that's okay. I want to wonder what's next. It gets me thinking, all the creative possibilities that could happen. These creative possibilities does wonder on what is really possible. Maybe it's just me. I tend to day dream a lot. I live through my dreams after I've dreamt them. It's a story that I want to know the ending to and I can't let it go till I see the end.

Do you like cliff hangers? Have you had dreams that stuck with you for days? What are you guys reading now?

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