April Update (#4)

This will actually take place as my Monday Update #16 because this past week had been quite uneventful in terms of bookish reading, which was none, and my life so I'll go straight to my monthly update!

I have had this blog for 1/3 of a year now!! (I'm a math instructor I have to mention the fractional part of how long I have had this blog.) April has been exciting month. I have probably read my favorite books this month and I actually attended a book festival!

First, I will mention the books I have read for the month of April. You can click on each title to read my reviews for each book. :)

1) Remember by Shannon Dermott - I actually found this book quite freaking unique and I loved every minute of it. The mythology behind it relating back to the native americans with a flare of vampire and werewolves is what makes this book my favorite book in the month of April.

2) Fullfillment by K.R Davies - This is the third book of the Blood Omen series. I found each character enjoyable and relatable. Considering how far this series has gone compared to the first book is thrilling.

3) The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater - This series is sweet yet dark. The concept is unique regarding the Welsh Kings. (I had no idea they existed, honestly. I hope I'm not cursed for saying this.) And I must declare that Ronan is a cinnamon. As my slogan states, "Protect the cinnamon rolls."

4) A Demon's Promise by Kristie Cook - I will sell my soul to read the next book in this series. (I haven't been able to find in the library or book stores and I can't purchase off Amazon, yet) FUCK THIS BOOK STABBED ME AND LAUGHED AT MY FACE. Okay this series is considered New Adult and I freaking love it. I love the maturity in this book. IT'S INHUMANE TO END A BOOK LIKE THAT. Okay I'm done.

5) Beyond Death by K.R. Davies - This is the fourth book of the Blood Omen series. I thought this was the last book but there is another and I'm THRILLED. You can't just leave a book hanging like that hahahaha nooo don't do that.

6) In the Light of Dark by Bettina Melher - I really loved the concept of witches in this book. I have read many books about witches and I've felt disappointed about it because there wasn't really any witch elements about it. But this really dives into the life of a witch and witchcraft.

7) The Awakened by Sara Elizabeth Santana - A ZOMBIE BOOK THAT I LOVED. GUYS THIS IS A FIRST AND IM SO HAPPY. I absolutely loved this book because it was the perfect pacing, perfect characters in the world of zombies. But these are no normal zombies; they are the Awakened and they are as sharp as humanity.

8) Tell the Wind and Fire by Sarah Rees Brennan - The symbolism behind this book is memorable. I thought this series was a trilogy but it's actually a standalone. After figuring that out I cried because of the ending. My heart completely broke. "There was no sin that could not be wiped away. nobody who was only what other people thought them" 

Wow 8 books this past month!?! :D

I also attended NTTBF (North Texas Teen Book Festival). It was a wonderful day full of panels and seeing some of my favorite authors. I have learned so much from this day. You can read more about it by following this link. MARIE LU SIGNED MY BOOKS EVEN THOUGH I DIDNT HAVE A TICKET!!! Follow the link to understand why I can't get over this. :')

In May I plan to read A LOT. Since this semester will be over in a week, I have a lot of books planned. 

1) The Mirror King by Jodi Meadows
2) Soldier by Julie Kagawa
3) Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas
4) The Rose and the Dagger by Renee Ahdieh
5) Under Ground by Alice Rachael 
6) Midnight Sea by Kat Ross
7) In the Shadow of the Dragon King by J. Keller Ford
8) The Midnight Society by Rhonda Sermo
9) The Guardian, a Sword, & Stilettos by Kristin D. Van Rissghem
10) The Passage, a Dance, & a Little White Dress by Kristin D. Van Rissghem

The last 6 are actually book reviews/ book tours! :D

I have some exciting news to announce: I have over 500 followers on twitter!! :D This calls for some sort of celebration. 
What books are you guys most excited for this month! 

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  1. OMG, yes, Ronan is THE cinnamon roll of all cinnamon rolls. And Gansey. And Adam. I just want to give them all giant hugs. <3

    We're also hoping to get to THE ROSE AND THE DAGGER this month! THE WRATH AND THE DAWN is just so, so, so amazing. And congrats on 500+ twitter followers! You definitely deserve it. <3

    The book we're most excited to release this month is THE TRIALS OF APOLLO: THE HIDDEN ORACLE. Rick Riordan ftw!!

    Sasha @ The Writing Duo

    1. I can't wait for the Rose and the Dagger 😍
      Rick Riordan has another series?!? I must read it now. Thank you for mentioning it :)