Monday Update (#21& #22) #23

Why hello everyone! (I'm trying to think of better introductions).

It has been two weeks since I have done a Monday Update. No, I have not been ignoring my blogging duties. Monday Update #21 wasn't able to be done because I was on a family trip and there was no way I could post something then (no wifi). Monday Update #22 was hard for me to do because of recent world news and some personal matters that I have to still deal with now. It's just been hard these past two weeks for me. I'll be honest, it's hard for me to write this one too but I can't let personal matters get in the way of my blogging, well maybe I can but that's not up for discussion.

I will recap everything that has happened these past weeks and fill you guys in on some exciting things I have planned this coming week.

I want to start off with a very important announcement, I FINALLY GOT HEIR OF FIRE, BOOK 3 OF THE THRONE OF GLASS SERIES AFTER HAVING AN INCOMPLETE THRONE OF GLASS SET FOR 7 MONTHS. (Yes I have been getting books in these 7 months but I wasn't able to find a paperback of HOF). AND I got Legacy of Kings. I'm super excited because I've always wanted to read more books about Alexander the Great from a YA perspective.

I'll be honest, I haven't read as many books as I thought I would these past weeks. I was on a good track but the past week was really hard. If you follow my twitter, you will understand why. I don't really want to discuss it here. I've discussed in great lengths about it on twitter so if you want see what I'm talking about, please check there.

Here are the books I've read these past weeks, you can click on each link to check out my review for each book.

1) Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout - She is a freaking queen. I have adored every single series I've read so far and I can't wait for Torn.

2) The Midnight Society by Rhonda Sermon - I was apart of a book tour and was able to get a chance to read and review this book!

3) My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent - This book was actually hard to read considering what happened in the previous one. My OTP's ship sunk into the bottom depths of the ocean and has zero chance of resurfacing. 

4) Daughter of Magic by Teresa Roman - I was apart of a book tour for this book too! An interesting urban fantasy about witches. 

5) Forget Me Not by Allison Wilmore - This was also apart of a book tour! Forget Me Not was such a sweet historical fiction story.

6) If I Die by Rachel Vincent - I cried when I finished this book. I was bawling because of the ending. I can't describe how I felt when I finished.

This might seem like a lot of books but to tell you the truth, I DNF'ed 3 books this past week. That's a record. I feel horrible because I can't imagine how hard these authors worked for their books and just to not finish it is just terrible. I don't want to mention their titles because don't want to spoil your interests. I have a DNF list on goodreads if anyone is curious. 

This week will be an exciting week on my blog, I will have a post for each day this week filled with book blitzes, release tours, a book tour, a cover reveal and 2 reviews! I can't wait to share these posts with you guys! :D 

Well that's a wrap for what's been happening in my bookish world. I hope you guys have a great week.

Tell me what books you are reading this week!

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