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Crimson Tree Publishing is proud to present Skin And Bones, a new release from Susan Harris, author of Shattered Memories.

Teens are turning up dead, and it will take a special team to catch a killer. Derek Doyle has been a member of the Paranormal Investigations Team since the monsters revealed themselves to the world. Considering that he thinks a monster is needed to catch a monster, he's definitely in the right place. As a lone wolf not used to letting many people in, neither man nor beast was prepared for the effect consultant Dr. Ever Chace has on them.

Growing up human in a world of supernatural creatures, Dr. Ever Chace has always felt a need to be special, to stand out. When asked to consult on a case where teens are being brutalized, she relishes the chance to make a difference and help stop a monster. But working alongside a wolf who she's so drawn to could be the beginning of something Ever might never have envisioned.

Fate and Destiny have a funny way of creeping up on you when you least expect it. With a murderer on the loose, Ever and Derek will have to put their attraction to one another aside while the hunt continues.
Easier said than done… right?

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My all-time favourite paranormal romance couples by Susan Harris

I tried with all my might to write up a piece about romance and being romantic, but after all my friends laughed at me for having to write up a piece, I gave up. So instead, here are my favourite paranormal romance couples!
  • Zsadist and BellaLover Awakened, J.R Ward
    (The Black Dagger Brotherhood.) Iadore this book from J.R Ward because I’m a fan of a redemption story. Everyone has written Zsadist off, scarred and broken, that is except for Bella. This love story is more about finding someone who sees the darkest within, and continues to love you. And finding the one person who can start to repair the fragile pieces of your heart.
  • Naasir and Andromeda:Archangels Enigma, Nalini Singh. (Guild Hunter) 
    Naasir become a favourite of mine from way early on in the Guild Hunter series. I was eager to read his story, and I desperately waited to see who could fit the uniqueness of Naasir. Andromeda accepted Naasir long before we discovered what exactly he was. Convinced that Andromeda is his mate, we not only get to see the playful side of Naasir, but also that Andromeda is strong enough to claim that title.
  • Cat and BonesHalfway to the Grave, Jeaniene Frost. (Night Huntress) 
    love the dynamic between Cat and Bones. Cat starts out hating what she is and what Bones is, but Bones’ ability to teach Cat that not all vampires are like the man who fathered her. Their relationship is hot from the get go, and (SPOILER ALERT!!!) even Cat’s sacrifice to save Bones is a testament to how far their connection has grown. Cat and Bones definitely do prove that there is a fine line between love and hate!
  • Charley and Reyes: First Grave on the Right, Darynda Jones (Charley Davidson) 
    He’s the son of satan; she’s an ADD private investigator who also happens to be a kinda God.  Put them together and the chemistry is combustible! The might have hell to cross before they can get a HEA, but we sure enjoy the ride as they do.

  • Adrian and Sydney: Bloodlines, Richelle Mead.
    Ahh Adrian Ivashkov. I first fell in love with Adrian during the Vampire Academy series. I never thought that him and Rose were suitable and was delighted when Mead hinted at a romance between artsy, tormented, sarcastic and lost Adrian, and bigoted, curious, stick-in- the-mud Sydney. It may not be as epic a love story like Rose and Dimitri, but the slow, and realistic way they fell in love, certainly stroke a chord with me.

  • Darian and Tyler: Shaedes of Gray, Amanda Bonilla. (Shaede Assassin) 
    Darian, though one of the strongest characters I have ever read, is a little bit damaged and bruised from her past. She has built up a wall around her heart and Tyler is just the Jinn to stomp through it. Tyler’s need to protect Darian stems from a much more primal need but when the object of your affections is the best assassin for hire, how the hell do you work around that! Bonilla’s series is one of my fave series and I’m rooting for Darian and Tyler every damn day!

  • Celaena and Chaol: Throne of Glass, Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass)
    Now, I know, I know… this particular couple (Spoiler alert) are no longer together, but they so need to get back together! I loved them as a couple. Calaena seems to bring out the best out of Chaol, who has the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. Calaena almost allows him into her hardened heart, and share her secret with him. Things may have gotten messed up for this couple, but I’m holding out for a reunion… even if it’s false hope!
  • Faythe and Mark: Stray, Rachel Vincent. (Shifters)
    Faythe Saunders has never met a rule she likes. When someone tells her to do something, she will always do the opposite. Childhood sweethearts with Mark, the pressure of settling down early and being barefoot and pregnant in order to secure the survival of her kind, made her flee from Mark and her life. Thrown back together, they have to deal with all kinds of obstacles-not just Faythe’s stubbornness. I think when you read all the books in the series, those of us who are truly pessimistic, you begin to believe that sometimes, if it’s really meant to be, then it will.
  • Charles and Anna: Cry Wolf, Patricia Briggs. (Alpha and Omega) 
    Anna has survived a lot in a short space of time. Changed into a werewolf by a crazed wolf, abused and finding her mate would be enough to crush any spirit. But not Anna. She finds some inner strength when she returns home with her new mate Charles and has to get used to her new mate, and her new life. Charles isn’t the easiest man to warm to, to used to being a lone wolf and his father’s hatchet man. He never expected to find his mate, an omega who can calm the wolf who is part of him. I enjoyed watching the relationship develop, slowly and with great emphasis on taking time to get to know one another. They are the perfect balance to each other…and I always look forward to continuing on with their story.

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Susan Harris is a writer from Cork in Ireland. An avid reader, she quickly grew to love books in the supernatural/fantasy genre. When she is not writing or reading, she loves music, oriental cultures, tattoos, anything Disney and psychology. If she wasn't a writer she would love to be a FBI profiler or a PA for Dave Grohl or Jared Leto.

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