Monday Update # "33"

Well, I wouldn't say this is Monday Update # "33", hence the quotations marks, but it is the 33rd Monday of my blogging career, so fancy, so I'm going to put # 33.


It's been a while since I did a Monday Update *someone in the crowd whispers* it's been a 3 weeks!

I know it has been a month nonexistent crowd but I decided to take a 3 week blogging break to reflect on life and many other personal things. But I am back! That is what matters. :)

As you noticed from last week I have reintroduced TBR Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday and these posts will be weekly unless some meteor hits Earth or I forgot, probably the latter.

I have been reading, a lot, and reviewing. I have about 15 reviews that I want to post but I also want to space them out and not spam you guys all in one day. I am excited. Some of these are ARCS, others are from some of my favorite authors, and some, sadly, were disappointments.

I'm not too sure on how I will schedule these reviews, maybe 2-3 a week, including the books that I am currently reading and reviewing. Some may say that this is a blogger's nightmare but I actually find this enjoyable.

These Monday Updates will also include books that will be released within the week that I'm looking forward to. THIS WEEK IS A TORCH AGAINST THE NIGHT!!! I'm still internally screaming because I found it early at Barnes and Nobles but I couldn't get it because I told my self I WILL wait for Empire of Storms to release and then I will get both.

But lets all take a minute to marvel at this beauty shall we.

I have't read anything last week because college just started. I miiiight start something today. I'm honestly not sure. I tried to read a book this weekend but I just couldn't get into it. I don't want to mention the title in fear of spoiling your opinions/hopes of the book. BUT I have been reading The Mirror King for the past 2 week now. (It's actually starting at me in the face as I write this) BUT I just haven't found the time. (Tbh there is always time for everything, IF carefully managed). I will finish this book.

Anyways, I'm happy to be blogging again. There will be some new things happening in this blog, and I'm crossing my fingers that I change my theme into something amazing in the coming weeks.

I hope you guys have a great week!

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