Monday Update #34

Happy Monday everyone! This particular Monday is a happy one for 2 reasons, 1) I don't have classes today so I can sleep in (my sleep is probably the most important thing to me and 2) EMPIRE OF STORMS IS COMING OUT TOMORROW!!! *inhumane screaming*

I'm honestly freaking out right now. I need Empire of Storms in my life like now. I miss Aelin, Rowan, Chaol, Dorian, FLEEFOOT (the adorable puppy that has taken my heart) and many more characters.

Several bloggers and I,   are hosting an Empire of Storms read along. This will NOT CONTAIN SPOILERS. I REPEAT, NO SPOILERS!! I'm not messing around. If I see ONE spoiler, I will lose my marbles and most definitely call that person out because spoilers ruin the joy and thrill of reading a book you have achingly waited for for a year now. I kinda had it with those who purposely spoil books to ruin the enjoyment of books. It's childish and wrong.

If you guys may or may not have noticed, probably the latter because who reads this blog anyways? *whisper in the wind* meeeeee. Thank you whisper in the wind. I know I can count on you. Well, I redid my entire blog theme, from the header, background, and font! It's more modern, cute, and more eye friendly (I hope). But if you guys have any suggestions please tell me! This blog theme might change again because the background is a bit different from what I have imagined. But the header stays. The moment I created it I nearly cried because it's beautiful and I'm just so damn proud that I made this blog. You're probably thinking wow chill it's just a header but to me, this blog represents something that I love. I am able to express my love in something through my own words, which I had a hard time doing growing up. Anyways, I love my theme. :')

Remember last Monday I said I have like a bajillion book review posts to post? (yeah I said bajillion). Well I posted 2 and you can check them out below!


This week I am savoring The Architect Song by A.G. Howard. God this book is hauntingly beautiful. I love every page. I love every interaction between Juliet and Hawk even though their interactions are tormenting because Hawk is a ghost and Juliet has finally someone who she can hear their words, his song but their touch is what separates them. I love this book. I will reread it. I'm half way through and I'm so overwhelmed with emotions. Again, this author has overwhelmed me. Before it was Untamed, which I definitely ugly cried at the end. I was a mess. But, I'm not complaining. It was beautifully crafted and it will stick with me for a long time.

I also plan to read EMPIRE OF STORMS (gotta put it in caps to emphasize the enthusiasm) Tuesday, if I can find it at a book store. If not, definitely Wednesday.

That's all folks! Tell me what books you're reading currently? Are you ready for Empire of Storms?  Let me know in the comments!

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