Monday Update #35

Happy Monday!! 

I mentioned that I would get my blogging more organized. I'm proud to say I have 19 scheduled posts all the way up to November. Some of them are already finished and some I need to start. Remember how I read 18 books in July and August? I decided not to post all the reviews at once. I want to space them out. 

You might ask, won't you forget what the book was about? Not really, I remember plots and scenes fairly well. One thing that leaves a mark after reading a book is the emotions I felt reading the book and after. 

Last week I got EMPIRE OF STORMS!! I got the target edition with a beautiful poster that captures my feelings toward Rowaelin. (My ultimate OTP). I have read the first 2 chapters and loved every word, phrase, letter that Sarah J Maas has written so far. Sarah J Maas' writing and characters are goals. If you don't agree, we need to have a serious discussion. :) 

I posted 2 book reviews last week!

1) Ivory and Bone by Julie Eshbaugh ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I finished The Architect Song by A.G. Howard which made me ugly cry at the end. The Architect Song is a beautiful piece of literature that I will reread over and over again. When I found out that the second book wound't follow Juliette's story but another aspect of ghosts, I cried more. (I have a bad habit of crying after reading a beautiful book I'm not sorry. 

I also finished Forget Me Always by Sara Wolf. This was an interesting read because I considered DNF'ing it many times but I didn't. This book reminds me of how those who are damaged by their past are the sun in everyone's life. They radiate and shine for those around to hide the real sorrow they are going through. 

In writing news, yes I said writing news, I have hit a milestone in my main WIP. I'm really proud of it honestly. I don't want to disclose much information about it yet but I'm just happy at the progress so far. 

I have also created a pinterest board for a WIP #2 and WIP #3 that I want to start brain storming about. I already have a pinterest board for WIP #1 and some major characters. These boards are private right now but you can follow me here once I finally decided to make all my boards public, most likely soon. 

One day I'll make a post about what each WIP is about and discuss why I want to write these certain stories and certain characters

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