Monday Update #37

Happy Monday!

I hope you guys had an amazing week! I'm so happy it's finally Fall. Fall is my favorite season for a number reasons, cool weather, leaves falling, and I can finally wear my cat sweater!

Guys, I just really love my cat sweater.

In bookish news, I finished reading Captivate by Vanessa Garden. I really enjoyed this one because of the setting, an under water world set in Australia. Though I did not like the main character for a number of reasons, which I will discuss in my review, I liked the out of world experience the setting brought.

I also read The Thousandth Floor by Katherine McGee but I ended up DNF'ing. I didn't mind the multiple point of views but I couldn't find the reason for them all. Though, I did like the futuristic setting of The Thousandth Floor. I read about 50% through before giving up.

I think this is the year where I DNF'ed a lot of books. I think this makes it the 15th one. :(

I also posted my review for The Architect of Song by A.G. Howard!! I absolutely loved this book, from beginning to end. I nearly threw a fit when I discovered that the second book wasn't about Juliette.

So I realized in my previous posts that I called this book The Architect Song, it's actually The Architect OF Song. I apologize for misleading anyone. :(


LUCE!!! DANIEL!!! CAM!!! *dies*

I can't describe how long I've wanted this trailer. Just a glimpse of what this movie is going to look like is overwhelming. The Fallen series by Lauren Kate is very dear to me because after so many years of reading it, I still feel a particular way about it. And this series will be the first that I reread.

Side note: I avoid rereading because there are too many books to read and a book has to be that good for me to experience again.

If you haven't seen the trailer, I have a link below. Tell me your thoughts!

Apparently there isn't an official US release date, but there is one for Thailand and Philippines. I read somewhere that the release date will be decided based on the fans reaction/want/need for this movie. I find this odd honesty, this movie was finished over a year ago and there has to be this reaction factor to decide when this movie is released??? 

I really don't like the sound of that. But I am really excited for this movie. I just hope it will be released in the near future. 

That's it for this week!! 

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