Monday Update #40

12 more Monday Updates and it will mark 1 year that I have had this blog! :O

I'm happy and shocked that I have had this blog for so long.

I finally finished A Darkly Beating Heart by Lindsay Smith! It's been more than a week but I have finally finished and I loved it so much. I think my humanities teacher from freshman year might like this book because of the feudal Japan aspect. I personally think the author did a wonderful job creating two worlds that intertwine and incorporated history accurately throughout the novel.

I will post my review later this week along with 2 other book reviews.

This past week I was apart of 2 book tours!

First was Spindle by Shonna Slayton. Spindle is a continuation of Sleeping Beauty which I very much enjoyed. You can checkout my full review here.

Second tour was Unblemished by Sara Ella! I loved the world building. It was unique and well thought out. You can checkout my full review here.

What books will I read this week? I'm actually not sure. This week will be super busy because of college and next week as well. I don't think I can get any reading done but I do hope I can just read something. 

Happy Monday everyone and have a great week! :) 

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