Monday Update #43

Happy Monday!!

(I say this as I am under a lot of stress and the impeding doom of exams the next two weeks.)

Happy monday still!!

It's been a while since I've done a Monday Update. I've been meaning to write one up but this past month has been a bit hectic, relatives coming over, the election, personal problems, (who doesn't have problems eh?), and some other things not worth mentioning.

This update may be long and boring but I'll just recap what happened last week. I'll catch up on this month's business later on this week. Last week was Thanksgiving holiday, it went too fast. It felt like someone pushed a fast forward button and boom here I am Sunday night writing this Monday Update. Uncool to the person who pushed that fast forward button.

Though, I did read some amazing books this week, a particular series that has now become one of my favorite series of all time.

I read Poison Princess, Endless Knight and Dead of Winter by Kresely Cole. This series wow. It is fantastic, unique, and completely original. Who thought that the end of the world and life's new beginning is based on 22 teenagers each having a unique ability based on tarot cards and they must fight to the death in order to start the world over?

I so did not. I'm on the forth book right now, Arcana Rising. I believe that there are 5 books in this series? I don't want it to end it's too good.

I also finished Persephone by Kaitlin Bevis. This series is about each Greek Goddess. Each book is short but full of action. 

I should have reviews up for these books soon. I may write a series review for The Arcana Chronicles.

Thanks for reading! Have you read The Arcana Chronicles? How do you feel about the impending doom of finals?

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