[Review] Touching Smoke by Airicka Phoenix

I assumed I was human.
I assumed wrong.

I dream of death and warm blood on my hands. I dream of the day I burn the world to the ground. I dream of the day
I will finally die.

Running is something my mother taught me to do very well. I never knew why until the night I cause an earthquake and meet Isaiah. My shadow. My protector. My other half. I need him. I need his blood. He is the only one who can keep me hidden from the man who created me. The man who created
the monster.

The world is depending on me not to fall in love. But what happens when the temptation becomes too great and falling is my only option? Can I live knowing I will destroy the world because his touch is the only thing keeping me alive?
And how can I trust someone as lost as I am?

Touching Smoke was completely unexpected. It is completely original with a new take of the paranormal and supernatural. I had no idea what to expect but I was left amazed and wanting more. I couldn't stop reading with all the suspense. I had to know what Fallon and Isaiah were. This book goes against the normal stereotypes of what paranormal novels are about. 

What really drew me to this book was the synopsis. "My other half" I was left thinking what does the author mean by other half? I knew it had to be more than a bond and it turns out it was something more, something biological. This book really had me at awe. I had my initial assumptions about this book but it turned out to be completely more. An amazing and creative ride through the eyes of Fallon, she discovers who she truly is and why she was created with the help of Isaiah, her other half. 

I'll be honest, I cried at one point while reading this book. Something about Touching Smoke really stuck with me.

Overall I would give Touching Smoke 5 stars for it's originality, amazing characters, and a suspenseful journey from start to end. 

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