Flaming Aces & Arrows Anthology!

Hey guys!!

I don't normally post promotions for anthologies but I believe this one is super important and the creators behind this idea are wonderful bloggers and individuals!

Checkout the information below and if you have any comments or questions, ask below or contact them directly!!

Announcing the latest project from the twitterverse, TS, Ceillie and Brianna are three aces trying to bring together one exciting aro spectrum and ace spectrum anthology. The Flaming Aces and Arrows blog is now up and seeking #ownvoices writers to contribute to the anthology. 
The Flaming Aces and Arrows anthology is seeking both fiction and non-fiction in any genre, poetry included, but we encourage you to check out the website (which can be found here) for more information. 
The writers who are picked to star in the anthology will be paid through a Kickstarter campaign and the remaining proceeds will be donated to The Trevor Project with the intention of expanding aromantic and asexual spectrum awareness, visibility and education. The deadline is June 15th! If you have any questions, feel free to email flamingacesandarrows@gmail.com

Sounds amazing right!!!? If you want to know more information please check out their website.

I hope you guys check it out!! :D


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