[Review] Nevernight by Jay Kristoff ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Destined to destroy empires, Mia Covere is only ten years old when she is given her first lesson in death.

Six years later, the child raised in shadows takes her first steps towards keeping the promise she made on the day that she lost everything.

But the chance to strike against such powerful enemies will be fleeting, so if she is to have her revenge, Mia must become a weapon without equal. She must prove herself against the deadliest of friends and enemies, and survive the tutelage of murderers, liars and demons at the heart of a murder cult.

The Red Church is no Hogwarts, but Mia is no ordinary student.

The shadows love her. And they drink her fear.


"A girl named Pale Daughter. Or Kingmaker. Or Crow. But most often, nothing at all. A killer of killers, whose tally of endings only the goddess and I truly know..."

This book is dark, wicked and all things awesome. The writing style is unique as if someone is telling you their memories of Mia Covere. I wonder if the narrator will reveal themselves by the end of this? The world building is complex. It's an evil and dark version of Hogwarts. The world is a mix of Rome and Venice, which I looooved. 

Mia must prove herself and become a deadly assassin to avenge her family. There is darkness in her that will drive her to do anything in order to seek vengeance from those who have wronged her. Mia is one of my favorite female characters, if not my favorite. She is wicked and cunning. Mr Kindly, her ghost cat is one of those you won't be able to forget. Imagine Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch but more sassy and (surprisingly) thoughtful. 

There is personality and reliableness to each character in Nevernight. I normally don't care for characters other than the main characters but in Nevernight, I felt something for each character. Personally, I wouldn't mind reading a spinoff of each student at The Red Church because they are so interesting. 

The footnotes are important so pay attention to those. AND the last 50 pages are intense. I did warn you. I understand that some elements of this book are harsh and cruel, you will either love this book or hate it. 

Tric, my poor Tric, you deserved SO much better. 

Overall I would give Nevernight 5 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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