Havenly: Interior Design + Books = Bookish Decor!

If you think about different ways to express your love for books, one way that comes to mind is through decor. Whether looking at colorful book covers, quote walls or stylish bookshelves, there are a lot of options to consider.

Look at that book!
First, let’s look at books. What better way to show your love for books, than with your favorite book covers? Draw inspiration from how others are  styling their shelves and coffee tables with books, and explore your own library for some eye-catching finds. (There are some great products, like the one below, that work double-duty, proving that you love to write too!) Cover reveals from me, your fellow book blogger, is also a great category to explore.
Source (bottom left): The Art of the Coffee Table Book | Source (bottom right): 642 Tiny Things to Write About

But those shelves…
Bookshelves are a necessity for showing off your collection. Don’t feel like you have to stick to your standard, tall, rectangular bookcase. There are angular designs that add new shapes to your space or floating shelves that bring the display right to your walls. Depending on if your style is farmhouse, glam, industrial or something else, you’re sure to find units that speak to you.

Now for the accessories.
Start with your large, staple pieces, and fill in the gaps with smaller books, trinkets and other decor pieces that show off your style. Play with colors, textures and materials until you find a look that you think really makes your space pop! Need some help? Check out the Havenly App, select the Design Quickie option, and get free advice for how to style your shelves! Before you know it, your personal interior designer will have you feeling great about your display.

If you want to checkout more about bookish decor, follow this link to Havenly!

What about you? Do you like traditional shelving or floating designs? Do you have fun accessories decorating your bookshelves?

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