About Me


I started this blog in a late December night in 2015 to write about books. I had a tumblr before this blog but it didn't feel personal enough. So I created this blog in the hopes that I can really express my love for books. This blog was actually one of the best decisions I've ever made.

This blog is composed of mainly book reviews, author interviews, guest posts, and spotlights.

A little about me
- My name is Sabrina
- I'm a Senior in College majoring in Computer Science
- I love cats, the color purple, and my OTPS
- My OTPS deserve all the love and happiness in the world
- I cry easily while reading
- I'm beta testing 3 apps, 2 of which have yet to be published!

Along with blogging about books, I want to write my own book(s). I actually have 6 wips, yes 6. None are officially finished but they are all in the drafting, planning, and day dreaming phase. Honestly, I daydream more than anything. One day, all the worlds, characters, and words from my head will be written on paper, and hopefully, published.

If you are interested to see what these wips are about, I my pinterest linked to the right of this page!

Random Highlight: 

My review for Submerge by Tobie Easton was featured on the Month 9 Books September newsletter! You can checkout the full review here.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day ✨


  1. Hey, Sabrina! :) I follow you on Twitter right now and your name always confuses me as I think I'm reading tweets from Sabrina Jeffries, a historical romance author, who I also follow. :) Thought I'd share that. I am also a college student and blogger over at my new book reviewing blog Jade's Secret Storms. If you'd like, you can check out my about me page here: https://jadessecretstorms.com/about-jade/ :) Nice to meet you :)
    ~ Jade

    1. Hi Jade! I just followed you back. Oh hahaha I've never gotten that before. I see her books all the time at Barnes and Noble. I should check them out. And yay a fellow college student and blogger! It will be a challenge at times to balance the two but blogging is super fun. If you need help or tips let me know! :D

    2. I'll definitely take you up on that sometime! :) And yeah, when I first started thinking about starting a book reviewing blog, I put a lot of thought into how I would balance college and my blog. Hopefully, it'll all work out! :) Thanks for the follow!
      ~ Jade

    3. I hope it all works out! :)