Editorial Services


I am now offering beta reading services and sensitivity reading services for no costs at all for high school students and college students. I can understand that money can be tight at this time and that's why I won't ask for any costs. This can be a learning experience for you and for me as well. I am also a writer and writers who work together can better their writings together.

I have edited and beta read 2 manuscripts.

This is all from personal experiences. Everyone's experience is difference, my sensitivity reading doesn't represent all representation but it will given an insight. I will try my best to read for the following representations:

- Muslim representation
- Biracial representation 
- Bisexual representation 
- Racism/Colorism 
- Females in STEM 

Genres that I accept:
- YA
- New Adult

Genres that I do not accept: 
- Erotica
- History
- Horror

I can also give direction and ideas for the following representations mentioned above!

If you are interested, please email me at omgbooksandmorebooks (at) gmail (dot) com

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